Well someone is going to have 2 kick A$$ PC's

Well since i heard northwood is going to be under $300 i decided to replace my K6-2 system for wordprocessor, web building and programming. This is what im looking at. I e-mailed Intel and they told me. "Yes the Brookdale will run PC100 when it comes out. The High Northwood chipset the i850e will use RDRAM" LOL the i850e the highend chipset. Well this is what i got so far on my 2 systems. hehe i make all my upgrading PC cash is build pc's and selling them in the sunday paper.

Intel System "For games and powerhouse Apps."
2.0 ghz Northwood
i845 "brookdale" mobo, Socket 478
(4)256mb SDRAM,PC100,CL=2,Registered,ECC,8ns,3.3V,32Meg x 72
(2)60gb 7200k rpm ata100 (RAID 0)
ATi Radeon 64mb " till the Radeon 2 "
Philips Acoustic Edge -PCI sound card

AMD "For Word processing , web building , programming "
1.5ghz palomino
ALi Magik1 Mobo
(2)128MB,PC2100,CL2.5,Unbuffered,Non-parity,2.5V,32Meg x64
(2)80gb 7200rpm ATA100 (raid 1)
ATi Radeon 32mb DDR
Philips rythmic Edge - PCI sound card

Cool combo is it or not :*)

Northwood P4 + i845(brookdale)+ 1gb PC100 SDRAM +ATi Radeon 2 = Dream Team :cool:
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  1. Purely subjective since its not released and we have no figures as such, but I think your AMD (IN THIS CONFIGURATION COMPARISON) will kick the P4 butt. A lot of the P4 benefits are derived from very large memory bandwidth.

    Your P4 system is using PC100 memory = 1/4 of the bandwidth available under RD-RAM...

    If you were going to play (and really want a P4) I'd suggest taking the AMD system and use a kt133a chipset, I have an Asus A7V133, and use PC133 memory on it. If you really want a DDR AMD setup, get an AMD760 chipset that will outperform all other DDR Athlon mobos.

    Use your money for a RD-RAM P4 setup, or wait until the DDR P4 chipsets are out and see what Intle have done with it. Supposedly they will be driving down RD-RAM prices too, soon.

    <<Northwood P4 + i845(brookdale)+ 1gb PC100 SDRAM +ATi Radeon 2 = Dream Team >> NOT - faster to use 256MB RD-RAM, why have 1GB of slow memory?

    My .02C

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  2. Cuz i have 1gb Micron PC100 Registered ECC SDRAM right now "Server RAM". ECC its great to use. Besides 1gb PC100 sdram can whip 256mb PC800 RDRAM in Windows 2000. Windows 2000 is a power hungry OS loves more memory. Well the P4 FSB bus is quad pumped 100mhz x 4. So it will only need the ram and not need virital memory "hard disk space".

    P4 2.0ghz+i845+1gb pc100+Radeon2= Dream :cool: Team =palomino 1.5ghz+256mb pc2100+Magik1+radeon 32mb
  3. First off, ECC ram is a bit slower than non-ECC. Second, PC100 ram is going to have about 8 times less bandwidth than RDRAM. Once you get a sufficient amount of RAM to eliminate virtual memory paging to the hard drive, memory bandwidth becomes the bottleneck.


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  4. why are you going to chain that bad ass system down with a sh*tty Radeon video card.

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  5. I have not fact to back this up, other than what I was told, but I believe ECC RAM is slower than non-parity - the price you pay for stability.

    Win2K will hapily live in 256MB memory unless you have exceptional requirements. Besides , your arguement still does not stack up since the ability to get to the memory is what counts. 100Mhz single data access memory is no way going to be as fast as rd-ram. In normal use 256MB will not cause 2K to swap - unless your applications are very memory hungry.

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  6. But why, oh why, are you using PC100 ECC ram and Windows 2000 on a 'games' machine (you said this, not me). Most games don't need 256MB RAM, I think even UT only needs 60MB.

    It makes sense to go with the highest bandwidth memory option possible for the P4, and its 100MHz QDR FSB (400MHz), otherwise you'll cripple it.

    Brookdale with PC100 is just an Intel marketing ploy to make RDRAM look good. Obviously the performance will be completely ****. Hell, I wouldn't use PC100 in a 800MHz system, let alone a 2GHz system. It'll have 1/20 the speed of processor and 1/4 the speed of the FSB!

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  7. I here it could come with PC1600 DDR. I guess ill look this up alitte.

    P4 2.0ghz+i845+1gb pc100+Radeon2= Dream :cool: Team =palomino 1.5ghz+256mb pc2100+Magik1+radeon 32mb
  8. since noone has commented on this yet, why the HELL would you use a ALi chipset? havent you heard about the slow ass performance and instability of them? are you nuts? i know you hate via, but ALi is 10 times worse. at least go with an AMD chipset, if not an Nvidia, oh wait you hate them too.
    you know, youre stupid little "anti-this" clubs are seriously gonna hold back the performance of your systems. maybe you should just use whats best regardless of what problems you have invented in your own mind.

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