What's next?

I currently have a 700 MHz athlon (not t-bird)
128 PC100 RAM
3D Prophet (GeForce 256)
30 GB WD caviar HD
SB Live!
52x CD-ROM
15" sony monitor
USR 56K modem

Toz Alaikum.
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  1. It's not that size that counts, it's the way you use it!

    A PC does not make up for your small offerings.

    If you are a:
    - Heavy net user, get broadband
    - Gamer, better graphics
    - Multi apps user, more memory
    - Calculating quantum mechanics, faster CPU
    - Person with more money than sense, P4

    Kiwi in the UK
  2. I agree with everything but the last point. I sense much fear in you. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.


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  3. I mainly use it for games (Quake) and for 3D MAX and Autocad design.

    Toz Alaikum.
  4. Do what I did. Overclock you GPU on the GeForce256. A Blue orb chipset cooler will do wonders for the GPU. The problem is that your going to have to get some epoxy to stick it on. I used the Arctic Silver stuff and it worked pretty good. My GPU went from 120 to 140 with a temp of 58-60 under heavy load.

    The whole setup ran me $25 dollars. But it's better than 150 for a new card.

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  5. Ahhh! Recycled Words.

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  6. "I mainly use it for games (Quake) and for 3D MAX and Autocad design."

    Your cpu is fast enough for Quake, your GPU would be the bottleneck (unless you fancy playing 640x480) . As for 3D Max, there is only one thing that is really gonna help, thats a faster cpu (I'm talking about rendering times here, not smoother modelling were a faster Geforce might help). I would go with a new decent KT133A board and buy whatever T-bird you can afford. Add some RAM too.. sell your stick and get 256+ Mb 133 Mhz SDRAM. I wouldnt go the DDR route just yet.
  7. please, unless you really like to rip DVDs, there is no reason to own a P4. Even a P3 comes very close to its performance in almost every aspect, so Intel afficionados can stear clear of it as well. right now, the P4 isnt worth the money (coupled in part with almost no upgradability as it is getting ready to be phased out by the northwood in a few months) however when next gen P4s come out, the story will most likely change.

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  8. Hey! Napster allows people to easily share mp3s (illegal activity), it is banned.

    P4's quicken the mpeg4 encoding process. again, illegal! They should be banned!!!

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  9. Is this overclocking worth it? I don't want to cook my card for nothing. What benchmarks have you done?

    Toz Alaikum.
  10. I'd do a GeForce2 DDR like the inexpensive MSI 815 or 64mb pro version. It will probably be even cheaper in a couple of weeks now that the GeForce3 is starting to be seen more in stores.
    And how bout a 19" monitor like an Iiyama aperature grill or Viewsonic or Sony if you got the cash. A nice BIG monitor will last years. A buddy of mine had to take Draminine to play Quake2 after he upgraded to a bigger screen for awhile until he got used to it. I've never had problems with my Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450.
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