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Hi guys!

From a budget perspective, is a 120 Hz worth the extra money over a 75 Hz? In my country the price for a 120 Hz is the double of the price of a 75 Hz.
If the response time of the monitor is 2 ms with a TN panel, will the extra Hz still be as important?

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  1. A 75hz panel generally only works at 75hz using a 720p resolution or lower. The 120hz panel will get you 120hz at 1080p or lower.

    Assuming you plan to use 1080p, you are actually comparing 60hz vs 120hz.

    With higher than 80 FPS, I find 120hz to be much better. There are a few things to consider here.
    - At 120hz, frames created get updated to the screen twice as fast, which reduces latency by as much as 8 ms, of course this will average out around 4 ms.
    - A 60hz screen cannot display more than 60 FPS. (I know this should be obvious, but many people don't realize this).
    - If you experience simulator sickness, which symptoms include nausea, eye strain and headaches, getting 80+ FPS may reduce or eliminate the symptoms as it does for me.
  2. Thank you for a thorough answer! The budget perspective is temporary very important to me as I am a student, and cannot afford to expensive equipment all at once. I am going to use two old Radeon HD 4890 in CrossFire so I doubt I will get anything above 60 fps in most games. But I will definitely get a 120 Hz monitor when I upgrade the GPU!
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