Can I use a T-Bird in a Gateway Select machine?

I've got a Gateway Select 650 with a Slot A mobo. I'm told this board will support CPU's up to 1GHz. However, I don't know if it will take a T-Bird, or just a regular Athlon. Can anyone help me out? As long as it's a Slot A board, can I use a Slot A Thunderbird (up to 1GHz)?
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  1. there were slot 1 thundirbirds around for a while, but i dont think you could get them now. and there are no socket A to slot A convertors either. i guess you have to stay with your 650

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  2. Well, I know I can get Slot A T-Birds. I'm wondering if they will work with ANY Slot A board. I mean, is a Slot A board a Slot A board. Or, will there be jumpers to set etc. Is the voltage the same for a T-Bird as it is for a regular Athlon? If it is, can't I just pop it in. Basically what I need to know is, when you go from a regular Slot A Athlon to a Slot A T-Bird, can you use the same motherboard. If you can, what, if anything, do you need to do.

  3. Slot T-birds were made for OEM's during the chipset change and will not work with traditional Slot A boards. You can however use an Athlon Classic 1GHz CPU, look for them on Pricewatch.

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  4. Ok, most of the above posts are incorrect. I have such a board ( i think ). In it I have an amd t-bird slot A, yes it works. Now, to my knowledge the only motherboard gateway made ( actually it was made by MSI as most of there boards are) that supported slot-a processors had the AMD irongate chipset. so. unless I am mistaken and you have such a chipset in this board then yes it will support it. If you would like me to check for you to make sure you have this board next time you start your machine write down the bios numbers and I will check for you. As of now I am 95 percent certain.

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  5. I just double checked and my assumption was correct, the only slot a board gateway used will support a slot a t-bird. This is do to the fact it actually has an older AMD irongate chipset rather than the kx-133 via chipset. Yes you can just plug it in and go, no jumpers need to be changed. You may want to check into a GFD device that will allow you to overclock this slot-a bird just like you could with the classics. The pc I have that has the same board as you I use for dvd playback and some gaming, it has a 800 mhx t-bird running at 1 gig ( via the gfd). A word to the wise however, if you are looking for a new video card as well stay away from the gforces with this machine. The irongate chipset did not like the gforces. A wise choice would be an ATI radeon in this case, in which I have the 64 meg DDR VIVO in the very same board.

    The latest bios to your motherboard can be found here:

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  6. Thanks for the info!

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