Buy or Upgrade?

I'm wondering if anyone can help:

I have a PII 266 Dell that is starting to bug me in terms of slowness. I'm wondering if I should buy a new computer or upgrade this one. If I upgrade, what are the best things to change and how much should I expect to spend?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. you need to find out what mother board you have becuase that will let use know how high of a clock speed you can get
  2. I'll check that tonight... (on a different computer now)
  3. With mobo and CPU prices being the way they are you might as well buy.


    Heatsinks, fans & whisky...Everythings Cool! :wink:
  4. what are your current uses for this computer and are there things that you don't/can't do now that you would want to do?
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