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I was looking to buy a HP Envy 14, and I already have and acer p191w screen. If I was to purchase a HP Display port to VGA adapter would this work for the screen an laptop?
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  1. the adapter should work no problems... just plug the displayport to your laptop and the vga to the monitor's vga cord...
  2. you can get hp displayport to dvi-d adapter also since your acer screen seem to have that input as well... thats if you have a dvi-d cord for your monitor... if you just have the vga then go with vga... vga is kind of an old kind of output... for example... new high end graphics card dont have vga inputs on them... just dvi hdmi or dp
  3. Yes, but you need a Mini DisplayPort to VGA. However, does your monitor have DVI-D input? Not all P191w have DVI-D but if it does a Mini DP to single DVI-D would be cheaper. You definitely don't need one of the really expensive($100) Mini DP to dual DVI adapters.
    Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter $13.43 + shipping
    Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter $6.46 + shipping

    Monoprice has cables if you prefer an all in one cable but they aren't as portable.
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