PIII 1GHz supported?

I've been looking at the supported CPUs for the Asus CUSL2 and it says 933+MHz supported.

I want to know if it will support a Ghz CPU without overclocking?

Using PC-133 cas2
ATI Radeon 32Mb SDR AGP 4x

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  1. it will support 1G chip since all intel chips are multiplier locked, and it is worked out internally with the bus frequency. you might need a BIOS update to support and recognise the chip as 1000 MHz one.

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  2. I have that exact setup. The CUSL2 will take the PIII 1Ghz, and I did have to get the BIOS update for it to properly recognize the chip, after that though, smooth sailing.
  3. The CUSL2 will support the 1GHz processor and any future Socket 370 processors with current bios. I know this because it can support at least a 12x multiplier and up to something like 216MHz FSB, and calculates the speed instead of getting it from a table.

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  4. Cheers folks.

    Do you have a source for the BIOS update Benjamin?

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