BenQ GW2450 vs. Samsung B300 Series S23B300B

My Acer LCD monitor just crapped out on me after about 2-3 years of use, so know I need to find a replacement.

Here is what I use it for: 3D home design, internet surfing, amatuer photo editing, word documents, etc.

I would like to go no smaller than 23" in size, and spend no more than $200 (less if able to).

I was contemplating between: BenQ GW2450 ($179) vs. Samsung B300 Series S23B300B ($159)

I understand that the Benq has then new VA led technology, but I have also read about the reliability and quality from the Samsungs.

Please help me decide or recommend another.

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  1. I am also aiming to get the B300 ... He is HD and supports DVI... ill go for him!
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