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Hi, well I'm not entirely sure what chipset I have, but on the box it says "440bx based", that means it's a 440bx AGP chipset right? If so, then in your chipset guide, it said that the 440bx AGPset was for p2 200MHz to 400MHz.

I have an Intel p3 450MHz, is that going to effect the performance in any way? (If I do have that chipset, I mean

I'm not good with hardware at all, hehe as you probably guessed. hehe
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  1. Im running a p3 600 on mine. The chipset when flashed can run up to i beleive a 933. So now worries.


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  2. Cool!, Hey, what do you mean by "flash"?
  3. The BX chipset supports ALL Pentium 2 and Pentium III processors. Unfortunately, not all motherboards are capable of supplying the correct voltage for Coppermine processors. Additionally, your BIOS must also support Coppermines. Most large manufacturers offer BIOS upgrades to support Coppermines, but you still need to determine whether or not your motherboard can support the lower voltage required. If you give us the BIOS ID string from the bottom of your screen at boot I will look up the information for you. There is also a Slotket available for Socket type processors with Onboard voltage controll if needed.
    Additionally, there is the issue of AGP timing. The BX is capable of running PCI at the stock 33MHz bus when the processor bus is set at 133, however, AGP will run overclocked at 89MHz. This is usually not a problem for modern AGP cards, but if you are using an older card, you should stay with the 100MHz bus or upgrade your video card as well.
    The BX will support any speed processor that Intel produces for the Slot 1 or Socket 370 (usually requires a "slotket" converter card to use socketed processors).
    So give us your BIOS ID string and we can go from there.

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