Factory-refurbished Asus G73

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  1. Factory refurbished are usually customer returns which have then been repaired -- the customer meanwhile has been given a replacement, often also refurbished.

    Given the cost saving there's no reason to avoid these, so long as you are not too concerned about buying an older model than you might find new at only a slightly higher price. So compare prices.
  2. ASUS warranty stinks on refurbs just as a heads up. I have one, the AC adapter came broken and they wanted me to RMA the whole unit back to them. I fortunately made my way to Customer Care at the 510 number and was able the rectify the problem. The 800 for ASUS is a joke if you buy refurb.

    With the new one you'll get 1 year accidental and 2 year general warranty. Where as with refurb you'll get 90days. Newegg sells the refurb for $919 right now, but seven days ago it was $909. Worse still, Newegg sold the refurbs for $870 from Oct-Dec 2010. Makes no sense, older product but the price goes up, figure that out. If you do go refurb try to get the $870 deal from Newegg. (Newegg version has faster hard drive than bestbuy version)

    Not 100% sure, but the new version comes with backup discs I think too.

    In the end though, if it wasn't for the broken AC adapter, my refurb came in new condition.
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