Samsung SyncMaster E2420L vs. SAMSUNG B300 Series S23B300B

Help me decide - E2420L is a business class and does not have LED backlight but does have 300 cd/m2 brightness as compared to the S23B300B that does have an LED backlight but only a 250 cd/m2 brightness

I am going to be using this for my home desktop monitor but will be using it to design in 3D, house plans, as well as surf internet, upload/edit photos.

Help me decide.
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  1. You won't notice a difference between the 250 and 300 cd/m2 crap. So forget that 'feature' as something to go by. Personally, I would go for the LED version as it will produce better contrast and overall clearer/sharper picture quality.

    I own the S24B300EL, and for a TN panel I gotta say this is the best monitor I have ever had the pleasure of using. My model is the same as the one your looking at, accept mine had HDMI/VGA hookups but doesn't have DVI.

    I preferred to have HDMI so I choose that model. However, I think this bumped the price up just a bit if I remember correctly. Good luck with your search for that perfect screen!
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