Phantom Printer I've never owned appearing as network device

I have been trying to determine the source or cause of a printer that appears as a device on my network, however not only is nothing other than my Roku box attached to my router, I have never owned the device in question. After refreshing the page the device disappears. The screen shots below should hopefully help..I'm concerned about a breach in my network but again, the router shows nothing attached that should not be already.
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  1. I would recommend running either MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or Super Anti-Spyware or even both.

    Have you added any other devices recently except for the Roku box? Is your router secured? Hopefully the response to that question is an immediate yes. I would recommend going in and changing your Wi-fi password for good measure to be safe.
  2. That's the plot twist; wi-fi isn't even enabled at the moment. I've already a handful of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Router has been secure since day 1. No other devices, networked or otherwise, have been added.
  3. It might not be you. The S310 is a Wifi enabled printer. Since you can’t see the IP I’d guess someone near you owns one and your router can see it. Since it’s obviously not secured, you might want to tell him about it.

    Me? I’d add the printer and print off some manuals about how to secure a wifi network, but I can be an ass about those things.

    I know, your wifi is disabled. That means you are not transmitting, not that you can't recieve. All it takes to show a device is a brief contact while you where setting up your security.
  4. in folder options uncheck find network folders and printers.
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