Anyone with a Duron or Athlon, how happy are you?

i can say i am EXTREMELY pleased with the performance i have out of my system.

Its blazing fast in every way.

Im just curious on your own system and how you are happy with it, or not happy with it.

Some intel people told me i dont know what fast is at all and i have been on Intel systems and hoenstly my 800 spitfire is very very fast.


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  1. Yeah, I'm happy with my t-bird too. I've run into the via bug one time, but I was playing deus ex and burning a cd at the same time, which is kind of a no-no in the first place.
    But for someone putting together their first system, and don't have a lot of time (i.e. doctor, lawyer, etc.), it's probably not the easiest way to go. I've had to figure out drivers more than anything. But since Ntel has developed most of the standards (agp, dma), it's understandable at the least.
  2. I can honestly say that after upgrading from a PIII600 to a Tbird 850@1ghz I am also extremely pleased with the performance and reliability of my system.It would not be in a beginners interest to start off with one though as there can be quite a few pitfalls for the unwary.

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  3. I own two Athlon systems, and I am very pleased with their performance. If it wasn't for benchmarks, I doubt very much that anyone could tell the difference between a processor at 750MHz and a processor at 1333MHz :)

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  4. well, I have a Duron 600 MHz on a crappy VIA board made by Luckystar. The system performance is quite good, better than the P-III 550 I have in my office. I have some problems with the system that I know the processor isnt the culprit. I am looking forward to change it to Asus A7V133 in a while.

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  5. I have two separate systems. One for gaming and the other for everything else.

    My game box is a Duron 750@900 with a GeForce2Pro video card. I use this for overclocking and gaming strictly. I dont have too many complaints from this system. It took me twice as long to set up from my P3 system but I love the price I payed for my equipment so I dont mind the occasional lockups. All in all it's a awesome performer for games, email, and websurfing but I wouldn't use it for anything critical.

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  6. "so I dont mind the occasional lockups"
    "All in all it's a awesome performer for games, email, and websurfing but I wouldn't use it for anything critical"

    Because you overclock it (and probably dont have decent cooling, as I havent seen many 750s not making it to 900 stable.. and I mean 150% stable. My 600 is 150% stable at 933). A Duron/Athlon is just as "stable" as any intel cpu.. but crappy motherboards and too much heat will make any cpu crash. As will ill configured systems and bad drivers.
  7. I built my own Athlon Tbird system last fall and every since I have been in love with it. The fact that my 800 overclocks so easy to 950 is great. I have never had ANY hardware related problems with my Athlon, and I am not exagerating here. Every problem I have had with my system was the result of me "tweaking" something and f*cking it up.
    OH, and i so much agree that without benchmarks no one could tell the difference between an 800 and a 1000+ processor. For me, a 950 is all I will need for a LONG time. And my 100% stability is cool too :smile:

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  8. Ya I have:
    abit kt7-raid
    t-bird 700@850
    2 IBM deskstar 30gigs raid 0
    Gforce2 pro
    Sound blaster live
    256-pc133 ram
    Tornado case

    This was my first pc I ever built. I built it back in early sept 2000. It took me 2 days to build. The bios setting were key. Once they were set up right, this pc was rock solid. The only trouble I had was 2 USB devices connected at the same time. My mouse and my Logitech cam would die, but via is gay like that. I play all my games at max rez and settings. The raid is just awesome. If you never had raid you’re missing out. This pc has been awesome. I run it 24/7 with seti.

    Even though I really like my pc allot I WANT MORE POWER!!!

  9. yeah I'm happy with my Tbird... very stable and very fast.. its too bad I still have shitty HDs.. which I hope to upgrade as soon as I can make up my mind :)

    Well, at least I can play Quake without my old P2-266 hanging.. :)
  10. I'm happy with mine, totally rock solid for both my home and work machine.

    I said I needed a new computer at work to replace my aging K6-2 400 Matrox g-200 graphics. They said sure we can purchase you a Compaq PIII 800, w/ Riva TNT2 graphics, 128MB of RAM, 20GB HDD and Win98 for 1400 or see what you can go elsewhere.

    What I ended up with is an Athlon 1100, Geforce2MX, 256MB 0f RAM, 30GB HDD and Win2K. All for the same price. The thing crunches SETI units 24/7 when I'm not playing Unreal Tournament at lunch.

    Needless to say, I'm stoked by my machines.

    Check out my rig:
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  11. Nope I've had the same lockups at it's default clock speed as the OC'ed clock speeds (a bit less). The problem is not the processer, it's the buggy via motherboards.

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  12. Love my tbird 1gz@1.45 ghz Holy fast cpu batman...

    Loved my Duron 650@896 too, before the upgrade.

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  13. Still in the upgrade phase but here it is as it stands.

    t-bird 1ghz 'C' AXIA @ 1350 150x9
    IWILL KK266 mobo
    Antec sx830 case
    4 antec 80mm case fans
    Alpha Pal-6035 with Delta fan
    128 mb Mushkin PC133 Cas2 Sdram
    using the on board sound
    52x Cdrom
    40gb 7200rpm Quantum Fireball HD
    32mb Radeon DDR

    all in all I am very pleased, hell a 35% overclock (I can do 1425) isn't half bad at all.

    Anyone use Sisoft Sandra? Maybe we can get some P4 owners to swap some benchmark scores.

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    Whetstone 1788Mflops

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  14. yep - 100% happy with my system.

    Glad I read and researched though - if I hadn't followed the VIA drivers issue I might have had problems. Follow the instructions and you are fine.

    I also have a PIII setup, which I'm also very h appy with - it just ain't as fast!

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  15. Setup:
    1GHz T-Bird'C'
    256MB PC133 CL2 Crucial RAM
    IBM Deskjet 75GXP 30GB (7200)
    Geforce2 GTS 32MB @410MHz RAM
    Tons of fans + 1 Nosie Control Silverado!
    Sony G400 19" monitor!

    Best PC I ever had.

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  16. Built a Duron 800 on a A7V. No probs. Gonna build a couple more this fall. Even with Intel's pricedrops, I'm still sticking with AMD.

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  17. have to agree with the rest, 100% happy with my home system, as well as the ones at work. Well, maybe not quite 100%, the Via 4in1's have been a pain in the a$$ sometimes, other than that, it's been quite flawless. Anything that has gone wrong has been my fault.
  18. I just realized something... Judging from the posts in this thread, 23% of you have expierenced problems with your AMD/VIA systems. Thats almost 1 out of every 4 people. I realize this isnt a scientific poll, but with a 23% failure record AMD/VIA should feel ashamed.
  19. One I got my system (A7V+1gig tbird) up and running it’s been rock solid. Then a few weeks ago I started getting a random crash. It kept getting worst until finally I had to find out what the hell was causing my computer to crash at seemingly random time.
    Know what it was?
    A giant lint ball clogging up the fins of my heatsink! It was like a blanket over the top of it.

    So I blew the dust out and stability was mine again. I think all my cats contributed to the problem.

    Thx & Cya

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  20. "A giant lint ball clogging up the fins of my heatsink!"

    Well, maybe VIA could blow the lint ball out of there ass and solve everyone elses problems.
  21. You see the glass as half empty rather than half full. I would have to say that driver problems are not a catastrophe and making it out to be one is just stupid. One thing that is great about the VIA chipset is that although it sucked initially ( thank god I didn't jump in during that first period), it's been getting better and better. I have to be honest though and tell you that I've been running that Duron since December for my parents, haven't updated anything (since I live far away), and it still runs like a champ.

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  22. I agree that once you get the VIA chipset stable, it is fine. But what happens when you change your system configuration? Will the USB still work?

    I had the USB problem, and was able to get it working again. But that problem shouldn't be there to begin with.

    But in VIA's defense, it is possible the problem is in the Abit motherboard, and not the chipset.

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  23. That’s an intelligent post!

    Are you one of those Intel fanatics like meltdown & fugger?


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  24. I am looking to buy a Computer with an Athlon processor. I want one that uses DDR Ram, but can't find any on the manufacture's sites. It is for my boss, and he doesn't want me to build the computer. Does anyone know where I can buy one? I'd like to stay away from Compaq and Dell. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for on anyone's site. Any suggestions?
  25. Micron Computers.

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