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I have searched on a bunch of forums and can not seem to find an answer to this problem. I just recently completed my first build, it has no problems booting up and everythings in working order. About 5-10 minutes into the installation, I get an error message saying something about missing cd/dvd device drivers so can anyone shed any light on this situation? Thanks. (I'm installing the 64bit version if that makes any difference)
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  1. Please list the system components
  2. Colossus2012,

    Yes -- I concur with Pat Mcgroin -- please list your hardware specs. It is possible Windows 7 requires the SATA / RAID / AHCI controller for your motherboard to be installed prior to beginning the actual Windows 7 installation.

    Should you require additional assistance and guidance, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. I had the exact same problem and I wish I had seen this suggestion sooner because it was precisely the solution I needed.

    After reading many threads in many places and trying just about everything I saw (removed HW until almost nothing left, reduced BIOS settings to minimal items, good quality ISO burn, booth from USB, etc.), I was finally able to resolve the problem on my system and it had nothing to do with the DVD drive/drivers at all (I had even removed all IDE components), it was the drivers for the MoBo (I think the SATA drivers specifically, but not positive).

    On another PC (obviously), I downloaded the latest Win7 drivers for my motherboard and put them on the USB stick that I was installing Win7 from (although this should probably work even if you install from DVD, just as long as you can get to them when you Browse from the error dialog). Once I got the error, I browsed to the files to install, but they still didn't show up. I unchecked the box for not displaying incompatible drivers and then they showed up. I selected the driver and hit Next and everything went smoothly after that.

    What drives me crazy is that the error message gets you looking for DVD drivers when it has nothing to do with that, plus Win7 doesn't even recognize the correct drivers as being compatible with the hardware!

    Anyway, after several days wasted at least my system is up and running finally. Hopefully this will help resolve the problem for others as well and save them from wasting as much time. Good luck!
  4. plus 1 for shadowspawn!
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