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ok so i came back to my computer being in sleep mode and went to wake it up and i got a black screen and my keyboards number lock keys wouldn't light up,i tryed to reset my pc twice and i ended up having to switch the power completely off to boot back up . my temps are good and im stable in prime 95 never go over 60c i was fine for a week or so after my overclock so i dont think it is that as the computer has given me no problems till now. i was able to recreate this by going back into sleep mode to test to see if it was a real problem or small glitch and i had to again fully switch the power supply power off, any help would much be appreciated as i have just ordered 300$ in new parts for this pc and for it to go out right after i just put more money into it would be horrible
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  1. Well you can always just turn off sleep for the computer. I usually just shut it off at night to save power.
  2. well yes but that wouldn't solve what the problem is..
  3. what is also quite odd is i was able to recreate it,but now that i have posted about this it doesn't seem to be doing it now when i test it
  4. set the timer settings to 0, no sleep no problem.
  5. This is a KNOWN problem however the cause can vary a bit.

    I've seen the following help:
    1) Update the BIOS
    2) RESET the CMOS
    3) Uninstall and Reinstall video drivers
    4) Reinstall Windows

    Unfortunately, sometimes the issue is a corrupted file which is hard to fix beyond reinstalling Windows.
  6. robthatguyx said:
    what is also quite odd is i was able to recreate it,but now that i have posted about this it doesn't seem to be doing it now when i test it
    It won't happen again for a while...

    The sleep mode problem is common in Windows XP and I suppose in Windows 7 as well. It's one of those small problems Microsoft hasn't dealt with.. like not deleting the temporal files when they are no longer needed.

    In Windows XP, the Hiberfil file which saves the open files, programs and settings at the time the computer goes on sleep mode, that file gets corrupted so when you push the power on button, it gets stuck trying to load the saved data... and when you shut the computer down, the file loses all the save data and it's fresh for the next sleep mode.

    To prevent the problem, what I do is let the computer go on sleep mode at most from 7 to 10 nights and shut it down once... so it starts over with a fresh Hiberfil file.

    Another solution is deleting the C:\Hiberfil file occasionally, so the system rebuilds it clean and fresh without having to shutdown the computer once.
  7. alright guys, thanks i feel alot better knowing that this is a common problem.
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