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Hi, recently I've installed window 8 consumer preview on my laptop (m11x r1), after noticing that it will expires on 1/16/13 I've decided to reinstalled window 7. During the process i just put the window 7 dvd into another computer and put it on my thumb drive, then, i plug it into my laptop and installed it just fine. After everything is completed i notice that there are several things gone. Is there anyway i can put window old files back to my new one? Also, i notice some of my drivers (wireless, graphics card gt 335m) are gone, i couldn't even see those devices on my device manage ( not listed). Someone please help!!! :cry:
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  1. Also, the disk say 140 gb used, where did my files go? ><
  2. Ok, i found the window old 0000 files that i needed, i just need to know how i transfer them to my new window 7
  3. link for the win 7 driver also check on the drive if there is not win 7 old files and did you format the drive when you put back the win 7 one ?
  4. I agree that it would be best to FORMAT or WRITE ZEROS to the hard drive first.

    1. WRITE ZEROS ( there's a tool there) or FORMAT
    2. Install Windows 7
    3. Install missing drivers or new versions (link above I guess)
    4. Microsoft Updates on Automatic
    5. check Device Manager for issues (i.e. missing drivers)
  5. yea, i forgot to clean my drive before installing windows, i copied the old files to my new one and now i am installing new driver, thanks guys :DD
  6. your welcome
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