Any way to make Xbox scale/letterbox on a 1440p monitor?

Hey guys,

The monitor I have is a Yamakasi Catleap Q270 SE. Before you yell at me if you think I bought a 1440p monitor to play xbox, I play PC games at 1440p first and foremost. The xbox is more of an afterthought for Halo 4. But if I can't get this to work I'm not buying a new monitor so then no xbox either I guess!

Is it possible to play on this monitor with an xbox 360 without making the image stretch and look blurry? I don't quite understand how to fix it. What would setting the display settings to 720p do? Since 720p is half of 1440p would it scale?

If not, is there any way around this? Like routing the cable through my graphics card, allowing it to do the scaling for me? My monitor has HDMI ports, not sure if that helps, I just know I won't have to buy a dvi adapter.

Sorry if what I said doesn't make sense, I'm just thinking of my options here :p Thanks!
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  1. The scaling is done in the monitor, if the monitor is good with that, it will look OK. There is no way to have the XBOX first go though your video card. You can check the options in the monitor, there should be a way to have it not scale, although some cheaper monitors don't have that option. Then it would basically have a black border around the image it displays instead of stretching it to fit the screen.
  2. there is always distortion when going from one resolution to another. if you scale at an even multiple it is less noticible. the only time you get zero distortion is when you play content on a screen in the exact resolution. 1920x1080 on a 1080p screen, etcetera.

    the monitor handles scaling. even if there were an easy way for your gpu to do on-the-fly scaling the end result would be roughly the same so there is no point.

    if you can disable image scaling you could view the content without distortion but you would have hideous black borders. in general the image scaling should not be too terrible so you can likely just live with it.

    you state that "you will not be buying a new xbox or monitor" at the end of your post if it will not work how you want it and yet you state that you already "have a monitor" at the beginning. which is it?

    honestly most 2560x monitors do are not much of an increase in sharpness due to their larger size and require quite a bit more power to run at the increased resolution. you get a larger monitor while keeping around the same pixel density. you lose out when it comes to other content slightly though because of scaling.

    for example...

    2560x1600 @ 30" = 101 ppi
    1920x1200 @ 24" = 94 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 20" = 110 ppi
    1920x1080 @ 24" = 92 ppi

    if your xbox supports 1920x1080 then ideally this would be the resolution to use. this is also what you should use if you watch movies or stream high def video content.


    the short answer:

    even though your monitor will stretch the content, as long as the format ratio stays the same it should not be too noticible.
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