Help purchasing laptop for everyday & education purpose (LENOVO Z560)

Dear Friends,
I wanna buy a everyday purpose laptop (14 or 15 inch) [mainly for education (research)].
I want built-in numpad in the laptop (which is necessary for doing fast calculations)
Not much fond of playing games. However, will play not much heavy games.
Sometimes, play HD movies and edit for videos...

I searched one model Lenovo Ideapad Z560-59065065 for around 900 US$ (1,060,000 Korean WON)
Some of the specs of LENOVO Z560-59065065
1) i5-480M
2) RAM 4G
3) HD 750G
4) Graphics nVIDIA GeFORCE G310m 1GB
5) Screen size 15.6"
6) OS Windows 7 Premium 64-bit: Enhanced Experience
See more details at

Is the "GeFORCE G310m" a good graphics for above high configuration ? I did not get any info online...

One more thing. The OS is Korean version.
How to convert it to English?

After installing Ultimate version of Windows 7 (externally), will my Laptop will be English by 100%?
Or registry and BIOS (?) will remain Korean?

Aprat from Lenovo, could anybody suggest me some other models such as
Sony Vaio VPC-EB series
Dell Inspiron 15R alloyed version
Acer Timexline etc.

Waiting for your replies..
Thanking you.
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  1. Can anybody reply to my post...
    Please its urgent!!
  2. No reply from Techie Experts yet!!!
    Is my question wrong?
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