Upgrade Hard-Drives and reinstalling Windows 7

I want to install two new hard-drives in a Raid 1 configuration.

How do I go about deactivating Windows 7 on my current setup and then reinstalling it and re-activating it after I install two new hard-drives in a raid-1 configuration? Or do I even need to de-activate it?

I am just thinking that there must be some hoop I'm going to have to jump to get it on my new hard-drives.
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  1. You don't need to deactivate anything. You likely have a license to legally have the install on 1 PC at a time. Once you format the current install, you can set up your array, then install windows. You'll still only have it installed on 1 PC.
  2. Yes, it is a legal Full version of Ultimate. As I understand it I can change this license from one setup to another as long as it is on one PC at a time only.

    I did another search and this time found a thread that says what you say. That I don't need to deactivate. The drive that I currently have Windows 7 on I still plan on using in the system, but not with the Operating System on it. So I'll just Format it and then setup my two new drives in a Raid 1 configuration and the current drive will be just another drive in the system for storage.
  3. Yep, once you activate your windows license, it's active. There's really no way/need to deactivate it. You just need to abide by the license agreement, and only have it installed on 1 PC at a time.

    OEM software is tied to the original hardware that it's installed on, but since you have a retail version, you can reinstall on whatever hardware you like.
  4. after the install will it ask to activate it again or ask that I do anything like that?
  5. Yes, it should ask you to reactivate it after the install.
  6. Ok, so I unhooked the one old drive and put in two new drives in RAID 1. Installed Windows 7 and activated it no problem. I was assuming from what I'd heard in the past about XP that it might be a hassle, and that I'd probably have to phone in. But no issues like that at all. I even installed a new graphics card yesterday and no problems with that either. Did they change things from what I had thought I'd heard about XP and its activation process if you change out hardware?
  7. XP is different from windows 7. If you've got a valid license, you shouldn't have any problem activating it.
  8. Yeah FULL version valid licenses, and no problems. It installed and activated just fine.
  9. Good deal. Thanks for the update.
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