Ok guys... Confess to our own Mistakes? heh

We'll ill confess first..

When i had my AMD K5 75MHz...
I as 13... and it was my first pc i bought myself..

And i bought a 14.4 modem.. so i could get on the internet and it said PLUG AND PLAY on the box.
so.. i took off the tower.. now this is the old style AT tower mind you. Where the whole thing comes off , not the side panels like today.
And with the pc on,, in windows 95 POWER ON...

I put put the modem in the pci slot and the screen went all black and swirly..
so i thought i did it wrong.
so i pulled the card out of the slot and BOOM
i powered down and repowerd back up
and everything was messed.. The windows 95 logo was sideways with black swirls all over

Well i blew the Board and Modem and the modem itself was SOLID black the card hahahaha

Well that was my first computer and i was 13 and i tell ya
ive never done that again.

The best experisnce is ( hands on Experience )

When the board blew..
I upgraded to a K5 133

So that was my thing ill confess to..

Im sure we all have some Dumb thing we have done.

On the same time about with my new 133 and new board mind you..
I only had a 200 Meg hard drive haha..
and.. with Microsoft PLUS it came with a TRIPLE Compressor..
and i was like wow... tons of hard drive space.. so i got it and it worked good..
I was a really nit pick with files, i erased my help files and everything and one day i cam across this huge 100-200 meg file like drivespace.bin
and i was like wow!
I deteted it and BOOM
windows was gone haha

Kinda funny huh

--call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
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  1. worse thing i have done was blow that 1GHz tbird

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  2. Back when AT was the style, I plugged the power in backwards on the motherboard. Well needless to say I fried the mobo completly.

    Most recently I bought Asus's CUV4X mobo instead of the CUSL2 (to save myself $10)

    I'm still kicking myself over that one.

    If you take a truth and follow it blindly, it will become a Falsehood and you a Fanatic.
  3. haha.. that was funny. Although I havent tried to "hot swap" a pci card on an unsupported motherboard. Back when I was working for a computer manufacturer (where I sometimes built 10-15 computers a day)I accidently plugged the audio cable comming from the CD-ROM into the speaker output on the motherboard. When I started up the machine black smoke poured out.. and boy did it stink. It took about 1 second for cd audio cable melt. heheh
  4. i put a cdrw into a machine and powered up eager to "backup" some of a friends sofrware. Nothing,i mean nothing not even a beep. well not being completlty stupid i checked all the cables, nothing. reckeched all the cables,nothing. so i checked all the ram was seated correctly, it was. maybey the slave/master settings were wrong, they wern't. 2 hours of cable checking later convinced i'd killed it i gave up and had a stella. 3 stellas later, just after i had removed the cdrw and put everything back in its normal state and called the repair guy out(it's ok to do this as it is free and part of the service agreement) i finally realised what the large black rectangular beermat was, yes thats right the processor. i had to remove it to get the cdrw in. i take back what i said about not being completly stupid.

    in theory practice makes perfect, in practice theory gives better results

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  6. what?

    there are only two types of class. first and none
  7. Hehehe, I've never done anything like that, and I've been working with PC's since I was 8 (I'm 14 now). The worst I remember doing was with a Compaq Presario Pentium 75MHz, we were running Windows 3.1 at the time and I ran this wierd file called Cleanup.bat, and what it did (I didn't know this at the Time) is renamed Win.com, System.ini, Win.ini, and something else to Win.cnf, System.cnf, Win.cnf and as a result we had to Run Quick Restore, so, I was like 9 or 10 when that happened.

    P.S. I'm glad my First PC Built didn't turn out that way, I just finished building my first PC that I bought. a Duron 800, KM133 Chipset, 128MB PC133 CAS2, ProSavage Graphics, CD, and CD Burner, 30GB ATA/100 Hard Drive.
  8. heck i broke to of the ram slots in my old 486

    and know i'm down to one ram slot well at least i have 32 mb card in it

    that what happen when you want to hurry i gusses

    then another time i moved all the window files by accident which cause the computer not to know where they where
  9. ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
  10. cheers

    there are only two types of class. first and none
  11. I was once working on overclocking a t-bird system. I had just closed the L1 bridges and put the processor back in, and wanted to just turn it on to see if it had worked, and if i could change the setting from the bios. I didn't want to have to make my fingers bleed an unnecessairy number of times with the stupid fan clip, and i was grounded, so i figured i could just firmly hold the heat sink and fan against the processor. so that if it hadn't worked, i could just switch the system off, and re work the L1's. Yes, very foolish of me to begin with, but i was in a hurry, and my fingers hurt already from that stupid clip. The Bridges were fine, the multiplier i had set with the dip switches on the mobo had worked, so i was going to open the bios and set my V-Core. The case was on it's side, and the fan had just been sitting on a small stack of books right beside the case, while i had the processor out. Without even thinking, with the computer on, and the bios open, i took the heatsink and fan, removed it from the processor, and set it back on the stack of books, so that i could have both hands free to go through the bios... As soon as it started to smoke i realized what a bone head move i had just pulled, and as fast as i could, i switched the power off. right away i re-attached the fan properly, and tried to boot up. To my surprise, it actually worked, and since then, it's been running 125 MHz overclocked, very stable. Sure i probably halfed the lifespan of my processor right there, but oh well, i will most likely have something else here at home before that time comes. I've felt like a retard for that one for a while, cause i can't even claim that i didn't know any better.
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