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Hi, i recently got a new SSD and I've installed windows 7 home premium on it. However whenever i boot into my SSD's windows 7, it says that boot manager is missing. In order to boot into windows 7, i would have to change my first boot to my CD, when it asks me to press something to boot cd, i would just leave it. It would then come to a page that allows me to choose from the windows 7 installed on my SSD and the windows 7 installed on my old hard drive.

I would like to know what i have to do to boot into my SSD's windows 7 straight away.

Please help me with this as i do not want to feel that i have wasted my money on my OCZ agility 4.

PS, i've updated the firmware of my SSD to 1.5.2 which i believe is the newest.
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    When you installed Windows on the SSD, did you remove the old hard drive first?
    If you didn't, remove it now.
    Boot from the Windows DVD, select the existing Windows partition & delete it.
    Now install Windows again on the unallocated space.

    When Windows installation is complete and successful, you can shut down and re-connect the other drive.

    Whenever you install Windows in future, make sure that the only drive connected to the system is the one you want to install Windows on.
  2. You'll have to change the HDD Boot option in your BIOS to target your SSD as the 1st HDD boot. Also, remove your windows 7 installation disk after you've done installing.
  3. Actually, before i re installed winows 7 on my ssd, it was running on ide. But it kept crashing so i decided to try and switch to AHCI.

    What i did was that i
    went into bios to change sata made to AHCI,
    with all drives still connected (old hard drive windows 7 also connected) i re installed windows 7 on my ssd.
    That's when i got my boot manager problems, when i used to boot into windows 7 on my ssd on IDE.

    I never got the boot manager problem when i installed windows 7 on my ssd using IDE.

    Anyways, i will try re installing windows 7 on my ssd with all other drives disconnected and see how it goes.
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