My quick Dungeon Seige Demo review. Comments?

Just dl'd the Dungeon Seige demo and here are my thoughts. Granted this was only after about 3 hrs of play.

1. Amazing graphics
2. Very good AI for party members (too good actually, see below)
3. Pack mule is a great idea
4. Fast weapon switching (hotkey just like D2X:LOD)
4. Did I mention the great graphics!

Well thats about it. As for gameplay I found that no skill was needed on my part, making fights pretty boring. I mean the AI pretty much does everything, I don't see how to improve. Your guys instantly attack anything that comes in range, so all you need to do get your lead guys close. After that, the AI does everything. You can't even target a specific enemy. That is predefined, you can set the AI of each character to attack either: 1. the closest 2. the strongest or 3. the weakest enemy in range.

I actually let go of the mouse many times and just watched the battle. Oh wait, you do need to drink potions for healing if your main guy gets hurt, but the other NPCs I am pretty sure drink them on their own when needed, which to be fair they should since you can have up to 8 guys and to drink potions for each one would be impossible to manage. But thats only needed during battle, walking around all your guys regenerate life and mana at a pretty good clip.

The only intriguing thing to me seemed to be the dungeon editor, which doesn't come with the demo so I can't comment. I think if I got this game I would be bored after a few hours, unless the custom maps people make are really cool.

I really want to like this game, I honestly do it looks so good, but so far its just eye candy.

Comments? Anyone with the full version have a different opinion?

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  1. I liked it at 1st but it just didn’t hold my interest. I haven’t played it in 2 weeks. I’m not sure what it is but Diablo II was more compelling. I must be lack of a battle net type multi player.


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  2. Hmm, I mostly agree. But some of your facts are wrong.

    You can't even target a specific enemy

    Uhhhh....yes you can. Select a character, then click an enemy and the character will attack the specific enemy. This is hardly counter-intuitive - have you actually played the game? Only if you don't give characters specific commands do the AI preferences come into play.

    Second - Dungeon Siege tends to be only as hard as you make it. If you run through the game with 8 characters with uber-gear, it is not terribly challenging. I play single player and limit my party to 4 players, 1 mule, and play on hard difficulty with no cheats. The game can be rather difficult at times, although to be fair I have not had that much time to play it with the academic year wrapping up and all.

    This is what I tell people - If you enjoyed Diablo or Diablo II you will probably enjoy Dungeon Siege. The game looks great and has lots of "explore/smite/get l33t gear" action but is light on things like plot, character development, and real challenge.

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  3. The game is hard if you want it to be. I don't buy gear so I currently have 12 million or something ridiculous in gold. I'm on normal though and think I'm going to try it on hard. It's a bit easy, except the bosses and certain areas. The goblin area was all but impossible for me. It's the hard areas that are fun though. There are enough of them.

    The game is far better than Diablo imop. My only complaint is that it makes my videocard look pathetic. I've come to realize that all I did in Diablo was teleport back to town to dump gear. That game is essentially a gear dumping mission. Kinda lame now that I've seen Dungeon Siege.

    BTW, you have to make all your characters drink potions. This gets a bit challanging towards the end of the game. Tough to balance.

    You can make your party attack a specific target. Not sure why you can't.

    You should know that there are hundreds of spells and it's fun trying to balance them all and find them.

    Try playing the game without saving and restarting each time you die. It's much much harder.

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  4. Uh, turn the AI off if you find it boring, there is a button for that right on the interface, personally i like it, i've put ALOT of hours into DS at this continues to hold appeal to me, i like it more than D2 personally. Have a warrior leveled up to level 82 now with some kickass cool equipment-)

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  5. Full Version:

    There are hotkeys you use to make everyone in your party drink potions if need be. Or if you play like me, you just dump all of the potions and use a nature mage to cast the healing wind :) The multiplayer is actually a great deal of fun, in that you can run thru quests with other actual players.
  6. I just passed the game and although I still liked the game, the end was pretty bad. I didn't even realize I was at the end. IMOP it just kinda ended. From the point of the Dragon on (you'll know when you get there) it was really easy and my characters were too powerfull to be stopped. I just walked through the rest of the game.

    What I'd suggest is to not have a full party. Try to stick to maybe one of each class (fighter, archer, natural, combat) and the rest as donkeys. I would also recommend playing on the hardest difficulty.

    Also, after 9,999,999 gold you can't carry more so you might as well spend it. I just dumped gold everywhere since I didn't really buy anything.

    What's next? I guess I can take my party into multiplayer...

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  7. I'd have to agree with you, DS had one of the worst endings I have ever seen in a game. I'm currently going thru it again with only a fighter, a combat mage, and a nature mage. I figure this way I can build a stronger character. Which brings me to my question, it says that you can keep playing after you beat the final guy...but there are no enemies left to kill. Is there anyway to level up after you've 'beaten' the game?
  8. I don't think so. For all I know there are secret levels or something, but I'm not about to run around for hours looking. I think I'll just move these characters into a multiplayer campaign for lan parties.

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  9. After you've beaten the game the idea would be to convert your character to multiplayer and go storm the new areas.

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