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Buying a new laptop and need some advise

Last response: in Mobile Computing
September 13, 2003 8:32:47 AM

I need some advice for buying a new laptop. I am planning to spend about $1200 to buy a laptop. I never own a laptop before, therefore, I need your expert advise. I always like Toshiba laptop, I heard good thing about them. I saw a Toshiba S207 for $1299 or $1199 at Best Buy, what do you think of Toshiba. I don't have nay luck with Sony, so I will not buy Sony.
Can you tell me something about the CPU for laptop(Intel M, or P4). What about the video card. Are all laptop video card share RAM.
Please thank you.

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September 13, 2003 10:30:07 AM

Are you wanting this for gaming?
If so, I don't think the toshiba s207 comes with a 3D card.
For the same price, you can get a similar spec laptop from Dell with a 3D card, the 5100 series.
Although I've never had a Dell laptop, I've got a Dell desktop, and I'm very happy with that as far as quality goes.
September 13, 2003 11:29:21 AM

There are plenty of threads in this forum at the moment that address your primary concern. As for Toshiba, they are good, but expensive and they have innovative ideas that cost a lot too - but they are not "cutting edge" as Sager and such like to be.


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