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When I used to have modem installed I was able to read and send Fax through windows built-in Fax. Now I am using DSL but I miss the ability to send FAX and receive FAX. I dont want to reinstall my modem again. Is there a way to send FAX using my DSL serveice? Plz help!
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  1. I'm confused. Is your modem still in the PC? Or did you remove it? If it's still in the PC just make sure you've got a phone line attached to it (is if it's a regular POTS phone) and send your fax. Without a modem you're out of luck unless you want to pay for something like eFax <A HREF="http://www.efax.com" target="_new">http://www.efax.com</A>

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  2. I dont want to reinstall my modem just for the purpose of using fax. Is there any software that let u utilize DSL to send and receive FAX without signing up a service like efax?
  3. Nope.

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  4. nope
    you will find that most modes are called Data Voice <b>FAX</b> modems, adsl isnt called fax, its called adsl, wheres the great problem with using the modem?, besides, when you were on a dialup, you wouldnt have been able to send/rec faxes whilst online, but now you can.

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  5. Log on to https://faxzero.com/

    This site will allow you to fax up to 3 pages for free. You need a valid email address also. The site will instruct you to open the message they have sent you and click on a link. The site will then send you another message once the fax has been sent correctly or failed. Good Luck.
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