High contrast doesn't revert to off

I went to PC Settings-Ease of Access and changed the High Contrast to ON; unfortunately when I tried to change back to OFF , nothing happens, it stays on ON.
If I try to reinstall Win 8 and have the PC settings changed to default the following message appears:" Could not find the files needed"
Any ideas how to change to default or change the High Contraqst to OFF ?????
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  1. Hello tatealex;

    Not sure what's going on with your high contrast.

    Mine works without a hitch both from the Metro Ease of Access settings
    and the Desktop (right mouse click on desktop, choose Personalize and choose a Windows theme, including high contrast options).

    Give the Desktop Personalize option a try and choose one of the Win8 standard themes or your favorite download theme.
  2. Go to Windows personalize / desktop change option by right click mouse on desktop and select windows default theme :)
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