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What if companies started making Slotkets for the new PIII Talutins (however it's spelled) for the old Slot 1 boards, but noboady could come up with a socket converter, so that ONLY OLDER motherboards were upgradable? Wouldn't that be a kick in the nads!

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  1. Then I better see my friend with the cel. 400. I might trade him his motherboard (i810) for an i440bx....Sucker!!

    Sh!t Happens.
  2. <b> Ha Ha Ha</b> That would be a real slap in the face to all the people one the ASUS usenet group that told me not to get a p3v4x cause it was slot 1. Even though my slocket set up works wonderfully.. :smile: Don't see why they couldn't do it though *crosses fingers*

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  3. regarding your signature. [-peep-] dosen't just happen, you eat then you [-peep-]. it's your fault!!!

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  4. Interesting theory,
    So you're saying that Sh!t happens after you eat. Well, from a general point of view (since everybody eats all the time) then Sh!t happens all the time.

    Sh!t Happens.
  5. I read a funny joke about different opinions in life. How everyone sees a problem or disaster he's facing. The joke begins with "Sh!t Happens".

    Sh!t Happens.
  6. The only reason I suggested this is because it is so much easier to make a slot converter than a socket converter. In reality, Intel has almost always made an upgrade processor-they made the 83MHz Pentium overdrive for the 486, the Pentium 133 overdrive for the early Pentium 66 (socket 4), the MMX overdrive for the Pentium Classic boards, the PII 333 overdrive for the Pentium Pro, and the faster Celerons for the early PII boards. And then there is Evergreen making upgrade processors. So chances are, there will be a socket 370 converted Tolutin, but it would still be easier to make a Slot 1 version.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  7. Oh, and btw, I would have told you not to get it because it has a VIA chipset. If you wanted slot-1, ABIT makes some nice motherboards with both BX and 815E chipsets for the slot-1

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  8. Won't work. Tualatins need a new chipset, the i815 EP Stepping B or the Via 694T. Tualatins, even with a slocket converter, will not work on today's platforms. Would have been good if you could do that, but looks like no.

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  9. Well, the Pentium would not work on the 486 until Intel figured out how to MAKE IT WORK, so I can't say for sure which way this will go. I understand that there is a new signal bus or something, well, I'll leave it to them to figure out.
    Here's something I could never figure out-if the LX and FX chipsets could be made to work with either the Pentium or the Pentium 2, and the Pentium boards could support the k6-2, why didn't any manufacturer ever come up with a BX solution for the K6-2? It seems like mobo manufacturers should have ben able to figure it out! IF the bus differences were that big, the FX and LX should not have been able to work with both!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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