Dvd rom not shown on my computer and my boot messed up in fixing!

Hi there.

My friend has a Fujitsi Ziemens Esprimo Mobile V6535 which doesn't show the DVDROM on my computer. It's visible in device manager and when uninstall/reinstalling the device, it appears to be fixed for some minutes, but is hidden again. I thought that may be because of a bad bios configuration so I entered the bios setup and restored defaults. and then I lost the boot!!!

win xp sp2 can't boot any more and no reconfiguration is fruitful. I changed the 1st boot device to HDD but still can't boot. It also can't detect the DVDROM so I can run a fixmbr or any repair. after some restarts it does, but hangs in the middle and eats my win xp cd!

Please help. Thanks since before.
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  1. It seems the DVD rom is not detected in either BIOS nor in OS (when it booted), therefore I would blame the DVD-ROM for these issues. I think there is a possibility to create some restore floppy disks for Win XP (will need several floppy disks and obviously will need an external floppy drive, and that need to be set as first booting device in BIOS) in order to repair the Windows installation. As far as the DVD-ROM is concerned, I would remove it and try to boot without it. On laptops the DVD drives are usually connected via a USB interface to the mobo (that's why when you click on the "safely remove hardware"icon on the taskbar the DVD drive appears as an option, as if it was USB-connected). You should be able to boot up without it, and even connect it after that.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. I'll do so.
  3. Let us know how it worked out.
  4. Well
    I got a Fujitsu siemens agency to change the rom but they just tried to use the same rom and they could finally use it and installed a win xp! they said that they didn't do anything special and just tried for several times. So we finally didn't change the rom and actually waiting for the next trouble thanks to the agency's advice!
  5. Oh my god I missed something very important!

    When we took the laptop to the agency they said : Please give us your BIOS password! while we had never give it a password!!!!!!!!
    I am absolutely sure that no one has locked the bios with a password. Is it anyway possible for a bios to be passwordy or is it going to be changed to a police case?

    I'm really wondering.
    Please help me know what happens.
  6. If you could access the BIOS without a password, so can they. I guess they assumed it could have one and asked for it just in case they needed some settings changed in BIOS.
    Police... don't worry. Unless the laptop is evidence in some ongoing investigation, just by securing the BIOS (if you ever did it, which I take is not the case) does not mean you broke any law. If it were illegal to secure your data, there would be no options for that, would they?
  7. Thanks for the information about law. I found half of my answer but I'm still wondering how did this laptop get a password by itself!
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