1GHz Tbird only shows 750Mhz on KT7A-RAID

I just bought a new system with an Abit KT7A-RAID and a TBird 1GHz 266Mhz. The strange thing is that my bios always sets the speed to 750MH(100x7,5), I try to alter it in the bios but after I save and exit, the bios uses the same values as before. Seems like the bios doesn't affect by the alterations...
Shouldn't a 1Ghz Tbird run on 1Ghz automatically?
What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Try Doing the pencil Trick and then setting it at 100x10.
  2. i'm not sure but did you look to see of there is jumpers on the board to set it to 133
  3. ->133 jumpers...
    What I know, the Abit KT7A-RAID doesn't have any jumpers on the board...

    The penciltrick might solve the problem but I really shouldn't have to do that, and I guess my warranty wont be valid anymore after that action...
  4. True, but it should fix it.
  5. are you using pc100 ram in this system
  6. That ought to have no effect (other than making it unstable if it is running @ 133MHz memory bus and only made for 100). Which setting in the BIOS did you try changing? Just make sure that the setting you are trying to change is the FSB (up to 133MHz) instead of the multiplier.

  7. can the KT7A handle a 133fsb? is it a KT133A board (cause im pretty sure it is)? does the Abit have any jumpers because if so, you need to set everything to jumperless mode and that should let the fsb be recognized as 133. or you could have gotten a screwed up chip that someone changed the fsb of. but it sounds more like a motherboard mishap.

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  8. Yeah... that's one big thing the 'A' in KT7A stands for... the addition of Official support for a 133MHz FSB. (Double-pumped, of course)

  9. somebody had a problem kind of like this guys and he was running pc100 ram and that what the mother board was detecting itat the 100 so it made go to a 100mhz fsb
  10. that sounds very possible. if the pc100 ram doesnt support being overclocked by 33% the mobo might automatically switch to 100mhz fsb.

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