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So I recently purchased the Razer Blackwidow (expert) from newegg. It just arrived yesterday and I've been troubleshooting it for the past few hours. I am able to get the keyboard to work, however, the blackwidow configurator and synapse 2.0 won't recognize it. Every time I open the software up, it says that it does not detect my keyboard.

I've tried the following:

1. Uninstalling all the drivers related to the keyboard and reinstalling it.
2. Installing blackwidow's legacy driver only
3. Installing synapse 2.0 only

All the drivers/firmware/software I've been using are up to date since I downloaded it from the Razer site. If someone could help me troubleshoot this problem, I would appreciate it. Thanks

PS: I am aware that there's two drivers for the blackwidow: blackwidow and blackwidow ultimate. I downloaded the regular one since that's the one I purchased.
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  1. Within device manager, what does the keyboard show up as? If it shows up as anything but a razer board try updating the drivers to the device directly from here. Right click on the device within device manager, select update driver software, and then manually select the correct driver.
  2. are you connected via usb or via a usb to ps2 adapter?

    i know for a fact that the razer keyboards do not like ps2 adapters as i bought one and tried to use one then returned the keyboard because it was incompatible.

    it wouldnt hurt to try the other drivers meant for the ultimate. they may work.
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