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Ive been having a problem with my HANNS-G 1080P 27.5" LCD Monitor model HG281D it is roughly 3 years old and used frequently 16+ hours per day shut off for 8 hours prior to the problems now ive been leaving it on 24/7. Anyways it blacks out randomly without going into hibernation (turned that off for windows). Ive ruled out bad OS / driver issues since i just reinstalled windows. Also i switched it to the other PCIE so its not a bad connector on the motherboard. I do not have a spare cable to test. The connections are fine and I also switched the cable to the second port on my video card. Its also not the backlight as there is no image while black using a flashlight.

I suspect its:

1: Bad GPU?
2: Capacitor/Transformer issue (can't be a bad powerstrip as nothing else on the same strip is being effected.)
3: Bad Cable?

I really don't know too much about electronics. If it was a computer based problem id be able to fix it and obviously that isn't the case.
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    Most likely #2
  2. Ok since im not that good with electronics i will wait till my dad is back from hunting and check out the local radio shack maybe its just a bad capacitor or something and we can replace it. thanks
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  4. I just repaired a dead 24" monitor that was given to me for about $20 in capacitors and two hours of my time.
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