Best Surround sound Headset?

Hey guys,
I am looking for a surround sound headset 7.1.
I saw Steelseries Siberia v2 and that looks like an awesome headset, but it seems like only the USB is surround sound and not the regular version using mic and speaker jacks. (Correct if i am wrong).
Also feel free to suggest other surround sound 7.1 headsets, would prefer is they are a reasonable price 50 - 60 pounds is good.
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    steelseries siberia is good, but not that good,
    even i myself use cheap headset and i also want an answer for this question

    just another extra bumb~
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  4. I'm looking for something similar as well. I've heard the Razer Tiamat is pretty good, but since I use a mic I've been looking for headphones sans mic.
  5. Well, gaming headphone suck, i used to buy one before and after changing to a true audiophile headset i just blown away,
    I may not own 1 but i have try the siberia and 7ubh, or whatever that was name, it have forgotten i think, also turtle beach is good, and astro a50, but both were overprice,

    I recently buy a sennheiser hd585, the best i ever use, but it lack of bass which is fine for me as i like crytal clear sound,

    The only disadvantage is headset does not include build in microphone while headphone is.
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