Thank You to all AMD supporters

I've wanted to say this for a while and now is a good time as any. Thank You!
Why am I thanking you, you ask? Because if it were not for AMD supporters such as yourselves PC would cost a lot more then they do now.. after all, AMD was the driving force behind the sub $1000 pc's and even the sub $500 pc's.
You guys should be considered patriotic, by keeping AMD in business Intel's monopolistic days of selling desktop CPU's for $800 are over.
Last year I purchased over a 100 new pc's for the business I work for and I feel really bad that I didn’t buy a single AMD system. But I just couldn’t bring myself to it, after all I have to help support those PC's. Troubleshooting buggy motherboards all day just doesn’t sound fun. Maybe one day AMD/VIA will get it right and make a good stable chipset, hopefully nvidia will come through they certainly can design kick ass video chipsets.

Thanks Again.
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  1. yea, i fell the same way... word yo lol
  2. With the 760 AMD chipset.....there really isn't any reason to buy Via chipset right now, performance on Athlon 1.33 t-bird 266 is really something to see.....

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can't avoid VIA with the 'AMD760 chipset'. As it is now implemented (in <i>all</i> AMD760 mobos), you get an AMD761 northbridge with a <b>VIA686B</b> southbrdge!

    In the present-day AMD universe, the only way to avoid VIA <i>completely</i> is with the ALi MAGiK 1 chipset.
  4. I recently built 4 Duron 750 systems for my company. I used the Asus A7V133 motherboard, which is entirely VIA. These 4 machines are more stable than the Intel based IBM Netfinity thin clients (Dual 500-600MHz pIII's), the Intel based Compaq pII workstations they replaced, and the brand new Dell workstations we just bought. My Athlon 1.2GHz/Asus A7V133 system at home has been absolutely stable, with 3+ weeks of uptime at a stretch before a Microsoft patch forces me to reboot. AMD/Via have had issues in the past, and Via does take a while to work the kinks out of their chipsets, but once they do they are as stable or more so than Intel offerings. You would know this if you'd ever had any real world experience with current AMD/Via computers. Stop being a flame-baiting prick, this forum has gone to hell becuase of people like you.

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    Stop pissing in it. =-
  5. Intel has helped with the price drops as well. A failed 1.13Ghz P3, chipset failures, the high priced and underperforming P4, high cost of RDRAM just to name a few.

    Simply put, Intel can no longer charge a premium for its products and remain in business.

    Watch the marketshare. AMD is entering the server market, and the notebook market. Can they deliver? I don't know (but I think they can). Intel had these markets to themselves. Each AMD system sold in these markets means one less Intel system. Translation: loss in marketshare for Intel. The only way Intel can combat this is to lower prices.

    Good for everyone. Lower AMD prices means lower Intel prices. Lower Intel prices means lower AMD prices. Wait till VIA jumps in with the 1.2Ghz C3.

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  6. The VIA Southbridge seems to be okay. This setup, the 761 north and 686B south seems to be a kicker. There is no point in not going with it just to be able to say you don't have VIA inside.

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  7. One other thing about AMD, how many recalls has AMD had with faulty CPU's (I can't think of any).

    Intel reminds me of Microsoft (minus the monopoly), they put out BETA products.

    Intel has the capability to take over AMD, but they do NOT have the business sense to make it happen.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
  8. I agree with you, for ex. the underperforming P4.

    Long live AMD!
  9. Griz~ My post was not to advise against the AMD760 chipset (in fact, I have no personal experience with it). I just wanted to set the record straight (for MeldarthX) that VIA comprises half of that chipset!
  10. I hate Intel! AMD is so cool! seriously their 1.33Ghz was stable for a month before they released it. They spent that month to improve it before releasing it. Also they don't have ANNOYING MARKETING! netburst ? yea right high clock speeds? whatever, it never translates to real world performance. AND ZER0 GAMES USE SSE2 RIGHT NOW! Intel is too much like Microsoft which I hate with a passion now because they are taking so many anti-piracy measures in their new products. Why? Cause they have bad business practices. They are illeglly using more laws to support their illegal monopoly! See what I mean? Too much money, 2/3 of their workers are millionaires and geeks and social outcasts. If you go work there you have to swear a pledge of allegiance to microsoft, and it's like a cult--trust me, I live in seattle and people all know that. Also they call the workplace a "campus" (yes like a college). They work till 9 every night and go to sleep immediately only to wake up again early the next day so they can work on WORD 2005 oh wow! So boring and illegal and a cult and bad marketing and lies and systems that reduce their cost by putting in 20GB 5400rpm hard drives and Geforce2 mx cards in with the Pentium 4 1.7ghz I mean how the hell is the processor gonna do well with shitty components like that? I HAte YOU IN TEL AND MICROSOFT I HATE YOU!!!
  11. Wow buddy, calm down before we have to slap a HSF on you.

    - Tempus fugit donec vestrum relictus tripudium. Autem amor praeterea magis pretium.
  12. LoL

    I am the first and only one with a 16MB GeForce2 GTS graphics card! :smile:
  13. I've seen it in many places, including Tom's Hardware, that AMD is forming a strategic alliance with nVidia. The latter is trying to become a chipset maker, and AMD wants to reduce the "undue influence" that VIA exerts over AMD systems.

    It would be interesting to see what nVidia's "Crush" chipset for Socket A would look like...

  14. +3 weeks uptime using windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    holy snappy crap!!!

    are you SURE its windows????
    no way windows is that stable. even if your processor is!
    my uptime usually is 3 HOURS
    with a complete reinstall every 3 weeks!

    grrrr. just bitten by the jelousy bug!
    HOW DO U DO IT???

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
  15. 2 years, 4 months, 17 days since my last reinstall of Windows 95.

    How do I do it? I treat my computer with respect. You have to be kind to your computer. Be gentle with your computer. Become one with your computer. Caress it. Fondle it. Take it our to dinner. Buy it some nice lingerie and...


    I've said too much...

    Cow with legs spread wide either dead or playing 'cello.
  16. Quote:
    2 years, 4 months, 17 days since my last reinstall of Windows 95.

    Pass that bag-o-crack you're smoking and not sharing with anyone else.....

    I call it a darn fine month if I reload Nes98 only once. I usually call it good if I get win2k to hold out for 3 months.
  17. Hm, I've had an uptime of just a bit over 9 months running Windows 2000 Professional SP1 at home. The only reason I lost it was the desire to install new drivers. It was used regularly for programming and gaming.


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