Can i upgrade my dell m6500 with a gaming video card

:hello: I am ready to order very soon a Dell M6500 Laptop for work with Quad core, 6GIGS Ram… the video card is an issue :??: . The primary software that we use does not like the pro or cad friendly video cards. The software we use is for viewing surveillance software of multiple streams of H.264 video. All of the decoding is done at the client station( Laptop ). Dell does not offer gaming cards for this system I need at least 1GB of video memory. The Purchasing department at my company is going to complain if we purchase a Alienware Laptop and I do not want to raise those types of red flags. We are only allowed to purchase from Dell. I can however purchase a separate video card and upgrade the unit after the fact :na: . Is there way to upgrade this unit????
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  1. Hello yepvegas;

    The Quadro FX 2800M (Geforce 9800M GT / G92 core) is a 1GB VRAM DX10 workstation graphics card.
    It 'games' on par with the 9800M GT. NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M review

    What is your software's issue with workstation cards?
  2. On the Dell Business site they have the XPS 15 Laptop.
    Core i7 740QM/840QM 8GB RAM 2GB GT435M - GT435M review
  3. Not sure why my original post was deleted... I did provide a link to another forum which had relevant information, but I don't recall that being against the "Terms Of Usage".


    The video card form factor used in the Dell M6500 is proprietary to Dell and not the standard form factor for MXM 3.0.
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