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Right now I'm using my 720p HDTV as my gaming pc's monitor and its terrible so I need to find the best 22 - 24" gaming monitor under $170. I want it to be 1920x1080 native resolution and I need it to have HDMI.
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    Your probably not receiving a quick response because this topic has been gone over many times. "Best *insert item*" topics are typically pretty easy to find unless they are about niche items. With your specific situation you hit all the common, majority, and socially normal traits that people look for in a monitor. 22-24inch, Full HD, HDMI port, and your price point all fall into the popular hot spot at the moment. This ultimately means you should be able to find numerous amounts of information in regards to your question.

    Any common search engine should be able to yield some tasty results for you.

    I can't tell you what the "best" monitor is, but I can tell you what monitor I personally like. My computer habits consist of both work and school use. I like the dell IPS selection, specially the Dell UltraSharp U2412M when on sale, not full price.
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