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I just had to go and buy a new motherboard for my computer, the one I had didn't have PCI-E slots I needed. I got everything hooked up and the computer starts fine. Once it gets to "Starting Windows" though, it just reboots. There's no BSOD either. I tried running and safe mode and as it was loading the files it just does the same thing. I tried running the repair tool, but that didn't seem to make much of a difference. Am I going to have to re-install windows 7? If so, will I lose all my data? This is my first time doing this, so sorry for asking any idiot questions, but you have to start somewhere.
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  1. Thank you, but I actually made a mistake in my OP, I'm letting the Repair run again, and it's saying "Attempting Repairs" It didn't do this before, is there a possibility that it may be able to fix the problem?
  2. Normally you need to reinstall windows after motherboard change. What you may try is is to perform a startup repair with the win7 disk. Most of the time it will be able to boot afterward.

    I suggest you backup your files as soon as you able to boot in windows 7 and then reinstall windows 7 from scratch. Motherboard change without full windows reinstall normally leads to an unstable computer.

    Here is tutorial about this :
  3. Thank you both for the help, I've never done this before it's very tedious lol.
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