What should i back up for system upgrade?

Hi everyone
I have just bought an upgraded MB, CPU and Ram for my pc, i am running win7 64 ultimate and was wondering what i ought to back up before i wipe the drive.
I have already backed up the user files but noticed that docs and settings is locked out, is there anything in there that i need?
Also should i back up Program data?
Are there any other important things i should back up?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Save personal files to removable disk or CD/DVD. Software programs (program files) will have to be reinstalled.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, i have a 500gb usb drive where i am storing the data.
    I have backed up the user data, i backed up both the program data and program files folders including x86, my only concern is that there appears to be lots of locked folders in 7 such as documents and settings. It seems that docs and settings in 7 is not the same as the old xp type as everything is in users but i just wanted to check before i wiped it as it wont give me access to the folders to check the content.
  3. Something that occured to me is that when i installed win7, i had another drive attached which contained my old xp system. I am now wondering if win 7 (c drive) is containing a non accessable link to the docs and set's from that drive.
    Is that possible?
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