What is the normal temperature for a TBird 1.2

Hello, maybe a stupid question but I just bought a TBird 1.2 and I find it a little hot (46 celsius at full load). Is that a normal temperature or is it too much ? Thanks a lot in advance for your answer :) J-L
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  1. if that is an acurate temp reading you have nothing to worry about..


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  2. yeah that sounds about right..

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  3. Hello :) First of all, thanks a lot for the answer, I spared a lot to buy this baby and feared to see it turn to ashes :)
    To your question : the HSF is an Alpha PAL6035, the reseller told me it was a good one, I hope so, it was quiet expensive :( J-L
  4. What is the temp of your case? I ask because I just ordered that HS/Fan and am wondering if I will get my temp down to 46. I have a case temp of 38C and my system runs around 55-59 under load, so 46C would be a big improvment for me. So like I asked above what is your case temp? I also heard that if you have a good HS/Fan and thermal paste (AS2) that your CPU should never go more than 10C over your case, anyone know if this is true?

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  5. Most of the time, the case temp is around 28/30° :) I used termal paste too (furnished with the fan) just didn't know exactly what is the "right" thickness so I choosed to make a quiet thin layer and I don't know if it was the right choice. :) J-L
  6. 28c how do you keep your case that cool? My house is set at 75F thats like 23C and my case is always 38C. I thought about unpluging the intake fan for I heard that it sometimes can disrupt airflow.

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  7. Er...

    All your numbers are realy high compared to mine. I used Sandra and check out these.

    Duron 700Mhz

    Board Temp. 26.7C/80.1F
    CPU Temp. 27.6C/81.7F
    Power Temp. 24.1C/75.4F

    Are my numbers normal?

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  8. Where does Sandra tell you your temps? I use the PC Alert program in windows or just check in BIOS. I wish I could keep my case around room temp, that should help my CPU.

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  9. Well, here it's usually around 21/22°C. I've a middle sized box with a fan front/down bringing the air inside and one rear/up bringing it out. I also tried as much as possible to make the inside as clean as possible (hard with two hard disk, a dvd and a burner, each on one controller :( ). But here the weather is still cold, this summer... J-L
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