Massive p4 Speed Increase!

Quoted from technews:

"According to a recent story in The Register, a recently leaked Nvidia GeForce 3 driver has the potential to nearly double the speed of Pentium 4 machines."

I guess this means they've optimised their directx/opengl drivers for SSE2, so that games will run faster using the new instruction set. This is great news - who said SSE2 wouldn't matter?

I expect this to be the first of a long line of SSE2 applications which will really show the power of the P4... it might be worth the money after all :)

I've read that Adobe will also release a plug-in which will increase the speed of Photoshop 5 by around 50% on the P4. If these are two examples of what can be done, in very different programs (3d games and 2d image manipulation), who knows what the future holds.

It's a shame the P4 has a pretty poor standard FPU, and in unoptimised code, the Thunderbird at the same clock speed will almost always win (except in video/mp3 encoding!). However, with nVidia and Adobe behind SSE2, I believe other app vendors will start churning out optimised versions pretty quickly.

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  1. Well the Nvidia driver story is interesting if true; but what troubles me is:

    1. There really is no substantiation (the claim only being posted to one German site then carried by others, etc.). If it was true it seems world + dog would be jumping on this.

    2. If true it only impacts Nvidia GPU owners.

    Still, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Later Jim

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  2. Well if you are troubled let us all try and determine for ourselfs if this claim is true.

    Here is a link where the new drivers from nvidia can be found:

    Everyone run some benchmarks and lets see what kind of results we get back.

    I would especially like to see results from P4 owners with Elsa Video boards.

  3. So the drivers give you more fps on games, but doesn't increase the calculation power of the processor?

    Sounds good to me. I'll take another 10fps on Unreal Tourney any day. I'm looking for some numbers though.......
  4. you happened to leave out it has further optimizations for the Athlon as well.
    It may be in that article, I may have to find the other article for reference, but it was said, just not as loudly.

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  5. I would be interested in seeing some head to head P4 vs. Athlon benchmarks using DirectX 8.1 on Windows 2000 with these new drivers.


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  6. agreed.
    could see some P4 muscle, sounds like the Athlon optimizations aren't as strong as the P4's.

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  7. Good points here.

    I'm also curious if this is the result of an ideosyncracy between the driver and benchmarking software; in any case for some reason the story has not been widely reported.

    Does anyone have any real world experience switching between the two drivers, i.e. noticing demonstrable differance?

    Later Jim

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  8. so anybody out there tried this new driver yet i'm knid of intrested in what the reall gain is
  9. That's interesting, I didn't know they'd recently optimised for 3DNow! / Thunderbird as well. I'd like to see those benchmarks if you have them.

    Guess this is just another example of Intel's marketing power :)

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  10. Isn't it also true that Nvidia is working with AMD on future chipsets?
  11. can't help you there, I haven't seen any optimized P4 benches yet either...
    just heard of it.

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  12. you know, I hadn't thought of that in reference to this yet...
    wouldn't make sense for nVidia to optimize heavily for the P4 if they are in a partnership with AMD.
    of course then, it could be the P4 SSE2 optimizations actually perform as well or better than Intel keeps saying.
    and NO, this isn't an AMD flunky bitching about Intel's statements, in case you don't remember MMX, what is really using MMX? and it wasn't all that much of an upgrade...
    the added L1 cache had as much to do with it as anything...

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
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