Acer gd235hzbid How viable?

I was thinking of getting this monitor but I have heard in the past of bad bleeding or the "half screen black" problems that plagued it back then.

Specwise it is very strong (2ms, 120hz) but is it worth the risk?

Planning on coupling a monitor with Nvidia G 670 eventually
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  1. I have a 27" 120hz Acer (listed in signature), and I've found it to be very good. For the price if that monitor, assuming you are seeing the $199 deal I see on newegg, I'd get it for sure. To fully utilize it, you'll probably want to go SLI eventually, but even one can take advantage of it enough to be worth it.

    If you end up with a bad monitor, you still have the warranty. It may not be great, but that's a great price for a 120hz screen. Almost half of the typical price you'd see for a 120hz screen of that size.
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