Need help finding a good keyboard

Hey everybody

After my Cyborg V7 kept messing up, I'm gonna need to buy another keyboard but once my refund comes through. Prob
Em is, I don't know what keyboard would suit my needs.

My needs are:
PC gaming - i try to play most genres on PC (I'm open to all types of genres)
Game development - i'm a Game Dev student so i do a lot of programming, 3D modelling, 3D animations, working with game engines and reports
General use

My price range is between £60-£80.

Would like my keyboard in black and red LED's (optional) as i like the look to go with the rest of my PC.
Any good recommendations?
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  1. if you do alot of typing it might be worth an upgrade to a mechanical keyboard. keyswitches with tactile and auditory feedback are best to type on but can also be used for gaming. most seem to prefer non tactile non auditory switches for gaming only.

    you might want to check out the mechanical keyboard post on hard forums. just google it.

    it is easy enough to find a black keyboard but finding red leds may be hard. i would try to find a keyboard which works well first and formost and concentrate less on leds and fancy features.

    keyboards of note:

    unicomp keyboards
    das keyboards
    deck keyboards
    ducky keyboards

    just a suggestion of course. if you prefer rubber dome switches just about any major brand office keyboard or gaming keyboard will due. my preferences lie with logitech for non-mechanical keyboards.
  2. Thanks for the reply :)

    Looks like i got me some research to do lol

    I'll do some research on your key points and will see what good ones are out there and make a post of my finds.

    Once i find some suitable keyboards i'll post em' up here
  3. I have a Corsair K70, and am a huge fan of it. After using it, I don't like typing as much on anything else. I'm not sure if you could find it at a price that would fit your budget, but it's a great performing, sleek looking keyboard.
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