CPU upgrade advise please

I need some intelligent advise from the community.
First, here is my existing system:
P3 600EB
ASUS P3V4X mobo
256 MB Crucial(Micron) PC133 CL2 SDRAM
Leadtek GeForce2 Pro 32MB
Quantum Fireball LM 7200rpm 20GB drive

I want to upgrade to a 1 GHz P3 processor before the supply runs low. However, it looks like my options may be limited since the P3V4X is a Slot 1 board. I prefer to buy a retail processor rather than OEM.The boxed 1GHz CPUs seem to only be available in 100MHz FSB for Slot 1 or 133MHz Socket 370 at reasonable prices. I prefer not to overclock due to the effects on the other components in the system. Therefore my options seem to be:

A) Buy the 1GHz, 100MHz CPU and try to run it at 133MHz- Can this be done safely or are extreme cooling measures needed? In other words, is this chip actually designed capable of 133MHz FSB?
B) Buy the 1GHz, 133MHz socket 370 CPU and an adapter-Are there any surprise pitfalls to this?
C) Say "to hell with it" and just buy a 933MHz slot 1 chip.

As some of you may know, the P3V4X is very flexible as far as FSB speeds and voltages are concerned.
Any advice or similar experience would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like option B is the way forward on this one. A is out since a PIII won't go much faster than 1Ghz without breaking out the liquid nitrogen and tapping the national grid power network. C is also a cop out.

    Option D (if your system can run it and you get over your aversion to overclocking) is to use a PIII700 and overclock it to 1Ghz+. It'll only cost you ~ $100 for a slot 1 700.

    I use a socketed 700 running at 1036Mhz 148FSB quite happily.

    Try and confirm your system will take this okay though - I don't use that mobo, or Slot 1 processors.

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  2. There are no pitfalls to the slotket converters, just make sure you get a good one, I know ASUS makes such a slotket that I have had great success with.

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  3. Option B, the 1GHz Socket 370 in a slotket. You could always overclock the 700 to 933 WITHOUT affecting the rest of the system, becasue the system runs stock bus speeds at 100 and 133.

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  4. A new motherboard is not that much money...why not get another motherboard while you are at it?

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  5. I’m going to have to go with the consensus here. Option (B) is your best bet, a 1ghz EB fc-pga cpu on a slocket. There really are no disadvantages to using a Sloket and since your not inclined to overclocking.. then definitely go with a 1ghz EB (133 fsb) CPU as your motherboard already supports it. The better memory performance from 100mhz to 133mhz is definitely worth it.

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