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Hello everyone, I am going to be purchasing a Mechanical gaming keyboard for my next build in a week, and would like to get some opinions on my current choices or some more suggestions. price range is up to $160, and the features the keyboard would need to include would be the ability to turn the windows key off (really important) and backlighting (any color). Any macro keys would be a good bonus too. I would prefer to avoid Razer products
I thought i would split the question into 2 parts:

1: What do you guys think of the CoolerMaster Storm Trigger? Is it a decent keyboard?
I would ideally love to get my hands on the Logitech G710+ Mech keyboard, but this wont be available where I am until the middle of next year, which is unfortunately too late. Any other suggestions?

2: What Cherry MX switches should I go for considering I play mostly gaming (both shooter and strategy) but still want a great typing experience as i do a lot of essays for college? Blues are out because they are too loud, but what is better out of Black, Red and brown?

Thank you
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  1. I personally got an old school Dell PS2 black keyboard and it feels amazing with rubber done switches. Now, with my personal keyboard aside, I have a friend who has a Ducky Shine with Red switches and it's pretty much my keyboard with a red-back lighting. (this one here -> While the red (to me atleast) seems kinda dull, the typing and gaming experience is like mine, but 1000000 times better. sadly it has no macro keys and now windows turn off key, but for the build quality and feel, it well justifies the price.
  2. you should be able to disable the windows key with software. i have not seen a hardware switch on a keyboard to do this but have seen mention of a command in the drivers to do so before in some keyboard softwares. you could also download an aftermarket program to do this.

    keys with a higher resistance, tactile feedback and audio feedback in general are regarded as best to type on. of course individual preferences may vary and some people prefer no sound and light resitance keys.

    keys with a lighter resitance, no tactile feedback and no audio feedback in general are regarded as best to play fps games on.


    i would highly suggest going to a local pc shop which has display models and trying them out. you can read about them all you want but until you feel the differences between them you are just guessing.

    blue cherry mx keyswitches do click but are less than half as loud as the old ibm buckling springs. they were not terrible to type on or play games on but definitely felt odd after using an ibm m in the past for many years and a cheap rubber dome keyboard while i searched for a new keyboard.

    you might want to take a look at DAS keyboards or DECK keyboards. a little more expensive but after looking at the competition definitely not out of the running.
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