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I am thinking about buying my first gaming computer. I have looked at Alienware, Dell and Gateway. I do not know the difference between Intel and AMD. Please could I have some serious replies. I Love Star Trek type games and Tribes and Tribes 2. If that helps any.
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  1. Well, if you're looking to have a pre-built system instead of building your own, I'd have to say that either brand will work. Since it is a gaming computer, I would suggest at least a 1GHz machine, preferably 1.2GHz, if you have the cash. A 30GB 7200RPM hard drive, 256MB RAM, and a GeForce2 GTS, Pro, Ultra, or if you have the cash, a GeForce3. As to who builds it, Alienware would be your best bet. They are a little pricey, but they patch your machine for you before it goes out the door, so it should be working perfectly. Plus, they do both Intel and AMD chips. I would stay away from the P4 for right now, as it isn't quite what it should be. In Sept/Oct, it should be the best chip around, but if you don't want to wait, go with a P3 or TBird. Also, if you get a TBird, make sure that it is the 266MHz FSB version, and not the 200MHz. It will cost you about $10 more, but your games will thank you.


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  2. Yeah, I've head good things about Alieware. I just will say this, go 1GHz with 256MB RAM, and GeForce3 over 1.2GHz with 128MB RAM, and GeForce2 Pro. In other words, if you must choose go with a lower end CPU, and get the Best Video Card and More RAM.
  3. Quote:
    I do not know the difference between Intel and AMD.

    From my perspective, Cash is the only difference between the two. I don't play a lot of quake 3 (which gets good numbers on the p4), nor am I encoding Divx (which also gets good numbers on the p4). I burn a few cd's, play unreal tourney and deusex, and surf the net.

    With that said, you'll pay more for the same performance (on everything but q3 and divx) for an intel system. You might get better support if you have a lousy chip/chipset/motherboard, but I know not. For Star Trek Voyager and Tribes 2, I'm betting an AMD 1.3ghz (O/C to 1.5ghz), Geforce 3, 2x256 meg DDR ram, 45gig ibm drive, 19 monitor (1600x1200@75hz), and two cases of Corona Extra will cost under $1500.

    Check out <A HREF="" target="_new"> Pricewatch</A> to check on those numbers.
  4. For the best bang for the buck system. AMD is the way to go. Alienware has a very good reputation and know what there doing. Like someone else said, go with the 266 fsb cpu as your memory speed will be much faster. If you decide to build your own AMD system (which can save you a lot of $$)be forewarned that you will probably need to fash the motherboard bios to fix some issue's with VIA chipsets.. its not hard to do, but if you've never done it before it could be a little diffcult. Also at the least you will need to install VIA's 4-in-1 drivers and VIA's usb filter fix.. there may be other issue's depending on what motherboard you get. but it's just a couple more drivers or patch's that need to be installed. No biggie and the people here are very helpful if you run into any trouble.

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  5. first off ajwr_2000, a 1ghz chip is by no means a low end CPU. second off, if you want gaming performance ALWAYS go for a better video card over more speed on the CPU. if you check out toms CPU scaling analysis (ill link you to the conclusion page <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) to see what im talking about.

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  6. Thank you very much to all that took the time to write me a response. I have much food for thought. I am not making my descision until mid week. I certainly appreciate the candid opinions and the facts that you have laid before me. If there is anything else you think I should know please feel free to post, I Need all the guidance I can get =). Once again thank you.
  7. no prob. its nice to actually help someone out on the hectic CPU forums instead of instigating a religion debate about RDRAM or the like. whatever you choose i wish you some luck (as is needed with any PC system) and i hope you will satisfied with having some bragging rights with your new computer. :wink:

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  8. I got some more advice for you.. dont put all your money on the fastest cpu you can afford. Put it in the monitor (a good 19" will last for many years, and is so much more fun.. after 3 years you wont care about 1 or 1.2 Ghz. But a good 19" still looks damn fine.)

    Also, like many people already said, games dont need ultra fast cpu's, they need ultra fast graphic cards. Like a Geforce2 Ultra or Geforce3 if you can afford it. Spending money on a good audio setup can also be very rewarding. throw in a decent 5.1 setup if you can.

    If your budget is tight, go for a "low-end" Athlon (geez, 1 ghz is still damn fast) or even a "high-end" Duron 850 or 900 will run most (if not all) current games silk smooth. You can always upgrade later, as prices come down real fast.
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