Boot Problem with upgraded motherboard. Help Appreciated!

Hi there,

I have recently made a few big upgrades to my PC,
I was running win7 ultimate happily on a 1TB Seagate drive with an asrock-n68c-s motherboard with an athlon 250 X2. I upgraded CPU + mobo combination to i5 3570k on a z77 extreme, also from asrock. I used the same drive plugged into the lowest order of the SATA II sockets on the motherboard and It gets to the loading screen and cuts out as the 4 coloured dots appear to form the windows flag. I installed a SATA DVD drive on the next lowest ranking SATA slot to reinstall windows and it gives me a error message telling me i do not have necessary drivers- well- the device came new with no drivers. I would prefer to be able to boot the version of windows that i know works on the other configuration but will reinstall if i have to.

All and any help appreciated,
Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Is your computer orignally an OEM computer? Meaning you bought it complete from a big name retailer? If so the OS is tied to the motherboard so since you changed that, you have to get a new version of windows and reinstall.

    Either way you should reinstall windows. But try booting up in safe mode first to see if that works

    For the SATA DVD drive, you shouldn't have to install any drivers on your own. Usually windows does it for you.
  2. Nope, I got the OS from an ISO from digitalriver. I cant reinstall windows as it gives the error DVD/CD drive device drivers missing?
  3. Going from an AMD platform to Intel is big. The drivers currently installed in windows will most likely not work, as you just experienced. A repair install may fix it, but generally a clean install is recommended.

    The system drivers you need came on a disk with the new motherboard. You may need to delete the current windows 7 partition in order to clean install or at least format it.

    If you can't get a CD/DVD to work, try making a bootable flash drive using your ISO and install from flash drive.
  4. Changed Controller to IDE and that sorted it. Thanks for your help.
  5. That seems odd considering that win7 has native sata drivers. Normally this only needs done on XP.
  6. I would recommend a reinstall whenever a major change like that occurs. and because people only reinstall the OS when they need to, which isn't too ofen.
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