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Will I reinstall Windows 7 if I change motherboards?

Okay, basically I have an
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz
Gigabyte P41T-G3P

Changing to:
Intel Core i7 2700k
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H

I cannot afford to reinstall Windows 7, I don't have the license number or whatever it is.

Will I be able to keep my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit upon change?
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  1. you have to re install the os with motherboard change. you can try plugging your hard drive with current os to the new mobo but it wont boot as there will be driver conflicts. ur telling me you have windows ultimate and will be buying i7 cpu and you cant afford windows oem for $100? get your priorities straight
  2. Whoa, easy man...
    You don't even know the full story, lol~
    I can't afford anything. The i7 and mobo will be a gift.
  3. Infact, my entire computer + the OS was a big birthday gift.
  4. A complete re-install will be necessary as you are changing to a completely new chipset.

    You can run the free version of this program to find your Windows Product Key, along with some others like Microsoft Office -

    However, be warned that it my not activate depending on what type of licence you have. If it is an OEM licence (what you get when they come pre-installed) the chances are it won't activate. The licence is tied to your machine and with the new parts, it will no longer recognise it as the same machine.

    If it is a Retail version, which is normally what you get when you buy Windows separately, then you should be ok.

    You won't know for sure until you try! Sometimes the can be very lenient.
  5. If you were changing within the same series of motherboard by the same manufacturer (ASUS Z77 to a ASUS Sabertooth Z77), you might be ok but there is a big enough difference in the hardware that the drivers are going to be different. Even if it would work, it would be a lot cleaner to re-install. Sorry buddy, but you'll thank yourself later.
  6. I never had any issues activating Windows after MB update and I have done 3 so far. I run WinVistaU64
  7. Like I said, it depends on the licence type and a bit of luck :)

    Mainly it is with off the shelf machines like Dell, Acer, HP etc where you get activation problems.
  8. maxinexus said:
    I never had any issues activating Windows after MB update and I have done 3 so far. I run WinVistaU64

    But the OP is asking about Windows 7, which I don't think will be okay after changing motherboards.

    I also believe you'll need to do a complete re-install with a new copy of windows 7. I know its really annoying and is a pain, but most likely has to be done.

    What you could do is keep a lookout for a sale on windows 7 on newegg or something. Or you might find a deal on windows 8 - although I'm not sure what your feelings are on using Win 8 right now.
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    maxinexus said:
    I never had any issues activating Windows after MB update and I have done 3 so far. I run WinVistaU64

    Hi :)

    I wish individual people would stop saying that...its RARE...

    We get HUNDREDS of people every year , come into my shops for NEW Windows when Microsoft has refused reactivation...

    So YES the OP will almost certainly be buying a NEW copy of Windows after his install...

    All the best Brett :)
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