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Hi everyone,

Ive been looking to buy a laptop and have decided to either get the G53SW A1 or the G53SW A1. They are 15.6" and 17.3" respectively. The G53 is 38.1cm X 29cm (WxD) and the G73 is 41.5cm X 32cm. So the G73 is only 3.4cm wider and 3cm deeper. Im not sure when the G53 will be released though so I dont know whether to get the G73 or the G53. Does anyone know when the G73 will be available to ship with the fixed Sandy Bridge? Compared to when the G53 will be available? Because if I have the money by the time G73 is available with Sandy Bridge and the G53 isnt available, i will most likely get the G73.

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  1. Not enough information yet to know how the rollout of the different SB models will take place.
  2. Any idea as to when the information will become available?
  3. I don't expect anything in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Ok well ive decided to go with the G53SW A1. Do you think it is better to buy it now and "get in line" ?
  5. Personally, I'd try and be a bit patient unless you are in severe need of a new laptop. However, if you are set on your choice, you may as well pre-order it.
  6. Well I still need to raise about another $700. But at this point the G53SW A1 is the one i will buy when it is available. Is it available for pre-order yet with the fixed cpu?
  7. From what I know, not all laptop chipsets were affected, but I'm unsure of the specifics. To see if it is available for pre-order, you can perhaps check out Asus' website or something like NewEgg or Tiger Direct to see if they have it on their sites.
  8. There never was any problem with the CPU.
    It was the motherboard that had a suspect SATA 3GB/s Sata controller.
    I dont know of anyone taking pre-orders yet.
    You can call around and see if anyone will do that for you.
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