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Hello everyone,

I recently got a sager 8130 and I am concerned about the gaming performance of my laptop. Here's the situation:

i7-2720qm (not overclocked)
gtx 460m (265.77 and not overclocked)
8gb ram (3.49 usable)
generic Hitachi HD
power setting is set to high performance
windows 7 32-bit (I am aware that 32-bit windows cannot use all the ram)

COD:Black Ops = I am getting 15-25fps in any scene with shooting with 1920*1280 resolution and everything else set to low.

BFBC2 = With everything maxed, 25 fps in average (I was expecting this). The problem is that I get 35 fps in average with everything set to low, including the resolution. I get between 25 and 35 fps with all the intermediate settings. I have tried every setting for this game(including the ones in nvidia control panel) to no avail.

Crysis= Again around 25 fps with 1920*1280 and everything set to low and doesnt get much higher with everything is set to low.

Please note that I am aware of the capabilities of the gpu and dont expect to play every game at highest details with 60 fps.
But I am sure that there is a performance issue here.
The difference between my fps and those in netbookcheck's gpu chart is obvious.

What is the reason? Is there something I am missing?
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  1. There is something unusual going on there, that's for sure.

    There is a new GTX 460m driver available.
    Beyond that I think you'll want to talk to the MFGR's support people.
  2. The benchmarks were probably with a 1366x768 screen but it's still not enough to explain the poor performance on low graphics settings.
  3. I tried installing that driver and it gave a "not compatible" error. I learned from google that this is a common problem and the solution is to use altered desktop drivers, therefore losing the ability to change brightness.
    I would be okay with that if it was certain that the problem is the old driver Im using. anyone to confirm that somehow?
  4. I'd talk to the Sager techs before you try hacked drivers.
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