got just enough for a new processor

finally got enough moolah for a new processor, unlike all you spoilt people out there i cant afford a top of the line model of either amd or intel.
especially with the auzzie dollar.
i cruse the web on my puter, play a few games, but nothing extreme.
the most demanding games i play are baldurs gate 2 (love the dragons) and unrealtournament
im thinking something around the 800Mhz mark

What i want to know is how close the 5 800 mhz processors are to each other with respect to COST and PERFORMANCE for games(mostly)
duron 800
tbird 800
cellery 800
p3-800 (100mhz)
p3-800 EB

has someone seen a review of all these processors? or have data on them.
P.S. i think a 800Mhz duron costs about $200-225 auzzie
P.P.S. this is not an intel vs Amd flame war

"Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
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  1. If you are stuck on the plan I'd either get,

    Asus Cusl2 Intel 815 board with a PIII700 (100mhz) and up it to 1ghz. Get good RAM.


    Fastest AMD Athlon CPU you can afford, good RAM and Cooler. Stick it on a KT133A board (I have an Asus A7V133). If you can afford it many people say the AXIA (code on the chip) T-Bird 1Ghz are running 1.4Ghz easily - but I know this is more than you are really looking to spend.

    In anycase, for either of these, get the best vid card you can. If you are at 800+Mhz then vid card will begin to play a larger factor to your gaming performance than raw CPU.

    Always buy high quality RAM, don't get generic and avoid anything other than brand PC133CAS2 RAM if possible.

    Of your list of 5 - the 800AMD has the longest legs (highest potential) followed by the Duron and PIII800(100)
    The PIII800EB is a good stock processor, but has little tweaking future. The cellery is okay, value, but has little future from this point and is lower performing than any of the competition in your list.

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  2. tbird

    --call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
  3. duron packs most bang for buck out of all except tbird. u can upgrade to a tbird later
  4. The 800EB will outperform the 800E by a good margin, but neither of these are the best choice for overclocking, so if you want to save money by overclocking, get the 700E and set it at at least 933 by simply bumping the core voltage slightly and setting the bus to 133. Oh, and the 800 Celeron sucks, I have an 850 celeron that cannot beat my PIII 700 even at STOCK settings!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  5. just remember if you decide to go with AMD/VIA there is no leeway! one mistake and all the money you;ve save go *poof*!
    don't be misled.

    " are the weakest link, good bye!"
  6. since price is of concern here, i thought i'd mention that a local retail chain around where i live had a boxed duron 750mhz with the fic az11 for a mere $99. i wouldn't know if the performance between a 750 and 800 is significant or not, but for the price, it's a definite plus. i've seen a couple running after a few of my friends picked it up. it's stable up to 950mhz, which isn't really bad.
  7. what platform do you have now
  8. T-Bird 800, cause it cost's almost nothing more compared to Duron 800 and performs better in Office apps because of the increased L2 cache. Duron 800 performs great though, just bought one my self.
  9. I was going to ask the same question. A while a go, I was stuck with a BX board and a P3-500. I could only go to a 850, and my board didn’t support much if any overclocking. Instead of buying a (still pricey) P3 850, I sold my board, my cpu and my PC100 ram. For the money I got, I bought a K7T Turbo, PC133 and a used Duron 600 that runs happily @933. How is that for a cheap upgrade ? Best thing, I can drop in a T-bird (and hopefully a Palamino) anytime I wish.

    Also, since you are gamer. Don’t spend money on any cpu beyond 7-900 Mhz. Put it in your videocard instead. To give you an idea.. with my geforce2 GTS, I really cant tell any difference between running my cpu at 800,866 or 933 Mhz in all the games I play (mostly black& white and giants). Im sure a Geforce2 Pro or Ultra would have made a difference though.

  10. what do i have now? u dont wanna know lol

    its a p2-300 on a GA-686BLX board, thats a nasty 66Mhz LX board :(
    but i have upped the ram to 256 and got a nice tnt2ultra in it

    all of which will come out and go into the new one to reduce costs

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
  11. well i gusse you can't use the board with the new chip so you might want to look into to selling the board and the proccser and getting a few more bucks to throw into a new chip
  12. Bye the way, your vid card is going to limit your system quite noticeably.

    If you can trade/sell anything to get up to a geforceGTS2 or even an Ultra, that 800Mhz+ cpu will really have something to work with.

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  13. "finally got enough moolah for a new processor, unlike all you spoilt people out there i cant afford a top of the line model of either amd or intel."

    Nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a wile(HAHA)
    Any of your choices mentioned would make a nice PC.I have a T-Bird 900 and will run anything I have just fine even after downgrading my VooDoo 3 3000(FRIED) back to my 8 MB ATI Rage video card just go for what your budget will allow and you should be happy with the results

    Rock out with your AMD out
  14. actually, no its not.
    i play unreal tournament,very processor hungry, not so much graphics
    bladurs gate 2, even more processor hungry and need for speed 5.
    im keeping this tnt2 ultra for a long while

    besides, to get even a geforce2mx in australia is like a doubling of the price
    or worse. a really big jump pricewise

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have created"~Darth Vader, Star wars
  15. I wouldn't get an MX anyway, not from a tnt ultra.

    I was just saying that the cpu will be limited by the vid card.

    I presume you play at lower resoultions or quality, in which case cpu will be more of a factor. Up to you!!!!

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