power suppy for o/c athlon

I am thinking about putting together a system with an overclocked 1 gig Athlon on a Asus a7v133 also running an Asus v7700 delux
I've heard about some reliability problems with these, possibly related to the power supply and I wondered if I could get some of your opinions on the best way to go on a power supply
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  1. with a setup like yours you will need at least a 300 W power supply.
    if the power supply doesnt supply enough current then the system becomes unstable and you might lose either your ps or motherboard.

    for info, o/ced 1G Athlon and v7700dlx (thats GeForce2 GTS w/32 MB right?) will together need more than 65 A of current at 3.3~5V. besides tere are other parts as well.

    be sure to get a high capacity power supply.


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  2. With power supplies, it's "the higher, the better." Make sure your power supply is AMD approved.

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