I can\'t Boot up Windows 7 Pro - get black screen

It worked Ok.
Orinally installed with Home Premium disk. Upgraded to Pro version onli ne--no disk. It worked untill I changed the secondary drive to an old one to get data from it. Only get black screen. Even put the original secondary drive back in. Still no go.
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  1. the problem is you need to change the bios to boot from the hdd with windows installed on it.

    its trying to boot from the drive with just data on it seems
  2. ^ Yes, it probably detected the new drive, and thought "Oh derpity derp derp Ima boot from this derp".

    Go into your bios, until you find your HDD priority list, and use PageUp to move your drive with the OS on it to the top.
  3. Yes, maybe it tried to boot from the added driver. My problem now is I have no control. The bios screen, setup utility . . .nothing comes up. I turn the power on and get nothing--just a black screen. Keyboartd and mouse don't seem to do anything.
  4. I'm sorry that I cannot choose a "Best Answer," because I havre no control over the computer. No bios screen, no cusor, no souind of hard drive activity (though the green hard drive LED stays on,)--just a black screen. Neither the keyboard or mouse do anything.
  5. The best answer is to remove one of the 2 memory cards. Although there were no previous problems, taking out one of the restored normal operation.
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